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$27 for a $25 refill card


$27 for a $25 refill card

Hello everyone! I am sorry I do not know where I could post this issue, I am sorry if it doesn't go under this section, I didn't see an option for this sort of thing.

I had purchased a refill card at Walmart on 7-05-2014, for my ATT GoPhone.

Usually the Walmart here advertises the card for $24.88, and I only ever get just the $25 card. It is only $25 total. 

That day I paid $27 for my refill card. I tried to ask a manager about the $2.00 tax, but one wasn’t available. (naturally) I never had to pay a fee or that sort of tax on these cards, ever. The employee speculated that it could be a fee. I never received any letters or notifications about a change or fee. 

The math didn’t add up, either. Of course no one could answer my question. The $2 wasn’t a huge deal, but one of the employees said they get their cards from a vendor, and they couldn’t do anything about it. (…of course)

The Maths:

24.88 + 8.00% = 26.87

which is a 1.99 tax.


The card rang up at $25 plus the 8.00% tax making it $27. A $2 tax. I am very sure it’s something in the system of the machines that process these cards. But of course I couldn’t talk to anyone about it! If it is a vendor responsible for these cards, someone is making quite a profit for every sale of these cards. Say there are 50 sales that day for this card. That is a lot of money! That $2 charge becomes a big deal.


Even more Maths: (hopefully I thought this out right...)

25+8.00%= 27

Now think of how many sales Walmart makes in a day, imagine how much money they are making off this $2 charge! (or whoever set up that charge)


It very well could be Walmart’s screw up…but I don’t know…no one can answer my questions on that end at all. I’ve worked in inventory and pricing before, it is very easy to upcharge something if you have the access to do so. I’m not accusing anyone of foul play, but it is raising some concern. 

I’ve never had to pay more than $25 for a refill card. I bought my card at a Walmart location in Jackson Ca, 95642. 

Can someone explain this, or figure out what's going on? Is my math wrong, am I crazy or missing something here? Thank you very much for viewing. 

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Re: $27 for a $25 refill card

Well, I've never seen a 25 dollar card advertised for less than 25 dollars before. But that's walmart for you. As far as the tax goes it's not uncommon for retail outlets to charge a sales tax on refill pins. Anything for that matter. Same thing if you had att add the pin for you at the store at the register you would have to pay 25 plus tax, but if you pay at a self service kiosk it's an even 25 . So I don't think they were scamming you it's probably just a tax the store had to charge.
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Re: $27 for a $25 refill card

Thank you for a quick response!

I've always paid a flat $25, no matter where I went to buy my card, or how I've paid for it. So maybe the tax is finally implemented here. (?)

It just threw me off quite a bit when the math didn't add up, and naturally the employees I asked didn't have an answer. I have been scammed in the past, from a bank. So I totally thought this was sketchy. Also, it's Walmart. I should know by now they're off their nuts.


If this is a definite thing, I am okay knowing that this is the proper price to pay. 

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Re: $27 for a $25 refill card

Yeah it's the right price. Just 25 plus 8% sales tax.
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Re: $27 for a $25 refill card

Thank you very much! Smiley Happy

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Re: $27 for a $25 refill card

That is the sales tax in CA.
 This is apply to all kinds/brand name of refill cards.

You can talk to Walmart for their system ring in $25 not $24.88 for the money back. 

We all need to paid sales tax.
Some states will charge you 911 calling fees.
And I still don't know what that $1 extra MI state charged for the refill card are for???

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