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$25 monthly plan


$25 monthly plan

if I stop my auto refill from my credit card and just put plenty of money in my account via cards, etc to cover both my data and minutes will my $25monthly plan continue to reload the 250 minutes/mo automatic or do I have to initiate something


I know that is how my data plan works - but couldn't find clear info re my minutes



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Re: $25 monthly plan

You can add money to your account, but be mindful that minutes purchased can expire. 


Here's an article with more info:


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Re: $25 monthly plan

thank you for your response - but my question is


If I keep plenty of money in my Main Account will my $25monthly plan "automatically" reload my 250 minutes on each 30day aniversary - or do I have to do something manual via 611


I know I lose any remaining minutes each month - my only carry-over is on my data

I was previously having my $25monthly reload from my Cr Card [which auto-reloaded my 250 minutes] but have changed to just putting money in my acct


I guess I can just wait until my aniversary date and see what happens -- and if it does nothing and my minutes go to zero - then I will know I need to dial 611 and "manually" reload my $25 plan.....

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Re: $25 monthly plan

It appears that it will auto refill both minutes and data as long as I have money in my acct


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Re: $25 monthly plan

cantput wrote:

It appears that it will auto refill both minutes and data as long as I have money in my acct


Your minutes should auto renew if you have enough money to cover the $25 monthly fee per month. Your data package would have to be refilled manually by dialing 611 if you don't set it up for auto renewal.

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Re: $25 monthly plan

thank you - I am set up for auto renewal of my $5/mo data and it is doing great I may still have a problem with my minutes though I got a text the day before my expire date saying that "my rate plan will renew" - then one the day after expire that it did renew my minutes I checked the website and sure nuff it worked as it should now today - two days after expire date - I get another text with exactly the same message that my rate plan will renew????? hopefully it will not duplicate my renewal????? I know it is not associated with my data as it renews on the 24th of the month will watch and see --- if so I hope att can fix that.........
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