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internet plan only deal


internet plan only deal

I had 25 Mbps for $50, they ended my promotion and now I'm at $60.  First of all, I think $50 is to high to begin with.  But they are telling me they can't find any promotions for just internet only plans.  Everything is in bundles to get discounts.  I don't want to bundle, I just want my Internet.  I don't have TV and I don't have a phone plan.  Any artillery I can use to get it cheaper than $60 per month?  I would like to stay at 25 Mbps



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‎12-14-2017 9:06 AM

Re: internet plan only deal

All promotions are just that promotions... Per the TOS when promotion ends, discount end, billing goes to retail....


In 2015 retail pricing was as follows....

Pro 3M $47, Elite 6M $52, Max 12M $57, Max Plus 18M $62, and Max Turbo 24M $72.


Two years later retail price for 25M is $60

A savings of $12 a month or $144 a year compared to what you had available 2 years old.


But short of canceling, sending equipment back, waiting 30 days to become a new customer promotion of $40 for 12 months and paying a $99 installation fee (99+(12*40)=$579) then price return to $60 after 12 months.... Not much to offer.


Do you have ATT post paid cell phone, if yes, should be able to get $10 off internet bringing your $60 down to $50.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: internet plan only deal

I have a prepaid AT & T cell phone. I pay 45.00 every month for service. It is through AT & T. could this at least give me a $10.00 discount on my internet service. I pay now $61.00 a month. That is just too much for internet that is kind of slow. I know I can go somewhere else, with my cable company and get a better deal, but would rather stay with AT & T. However, my expenses are mounting monthly and I am going to have to make some changes. My speed is not that good. Is there anything you can offer so I don't have to change providers?


I'm trying to ask a question. Why am I getting a response that says "solved"? 

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