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Unreliable Wireless Network Signal - Diagnostic Code 98-220


Unreliable Wireless Network Signal - Diagnostic Code 98-220

When I try to watch shows on demand or try to start a program from the beginning I keep getting errors and can't watch them.  When I run the system info & test I get the Diagnostic Code 98-220 and Unreliable Wireless Network Signal.  It is very frustrating .  I have AT&T 100 internet and Genie HS17-500 Genie Server with 3 wireless mini-genie receiver boxes.  I am in a townhouse with the internet router in 1 room, a range extender in another and the Genie HS17-500 server in another (((ALL installed by AT&T/DirecTV to help improve internet speed))) Is there anything I can do to help with the unreliable wireless network signal? Change a setting on my router? Extender?


I'm tired of contacting support and having to take off work for a "4 hour" time frame to wait on them. 

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‎01-21-2019 12:56 PM

Re: Unreliable Wireless Network Signal - Diagnostic Code 98-220

Hey, @Dotcpops08.

Error codes 98-xxx typically just mean the Genie server has recognized the connection is disconnected frequently, and serves as a way to notify you if you have WiFi issues that need attention. If you reset your Gateway or router often, then the code can be ignored.

If you recently had any issues with your WiFi or had troubleshooting done for your internet, then this code may appear for the next seven days, basically just confirming that there was a problem, but if the internet does not have any issues, there is no cause for concern.

Have you run diagnostic on your internet with the Troubleshoot & Resolve tool, to make sure that is not the problem?

If you get any other error codes in conjunction with 98-220, let us know, so that we can look for other possible solutions.

We hope this helps!

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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