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Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently


Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

I have had AT&T internet for probably a little over 2 years now. Currently on the 75/20 tier with a bonded pair, N card, and a loop length of a little over 700 feet. I noticed recently when I check houses around me random ones show "Internet up to 100 Mbps". Some on the same dead end street as the VRAD are only 75 and others on the next dead end street further away show 100. I know for sure that one of them is not a current customer.


My aggregate max sync rate is 187/43, but I've been told nothing faster than 75/20 is a option right now. Any idea if 100/20 is only new customers right now, and if so any idea when that might change?





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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

Hello @sean8102

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


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  • Account number
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you


Once we have your account details be looking for an email to the email associated with your forum ID or a call at a provided contact number.

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently



I've already tried going through twitter, and facebook to get the 100 Mbps plan but was told no both times. So not holding my breath, but can't hurt to try.

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

And no luck Smiley Sad


Just to be clear I do not blame the person here that reached out to help me. I appreciate their time. I do blame the systems in place that do not allow any exceptions or overrides to be made when the database clearly has its info wrong about what is available at my house. The houses right beside me that can get internet 100 are connected to the exact same VRAD and cross box as me. There is not another VRAD for 2 or 3 miles. Oh well.


"Thank you for your interest in higher speeds. When it comes to the 100Mbps service, our technology that supplies this service is not in your area. We do see that you have the bandwidth to support it, but we do not provide the 100Mbps service with your setup. For a stable service, bandwidth is not the only thing needed. We are always improving our technologies, and we are hoping we can provided you with the faster service in the future."

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

I have the same problem. My neighbors show up as up to 100mpbs, I'm stuck at 75. I'm certain my line would support 100. I've tried contacting everyone to no avail to resolve this issue, I even got into contact with someone at the office of the president and they couldn't help me either. Please let us know if this issue is being looked at and if there is any possible solution.


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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

Well I got a private message from ATTCares and gave them my number. The person that called me was extremely helpful and knew what he was talking about. He agreed completely that I should be able to get it. He tried to force my profile to the internet 100 profile but the system kept switching it right back to 90/20 I have now. He said he has a few other things he can try and he is going to talk to the appropriate people and tell them that I should have it available to me. Fingers crossed.

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

i had a huge fiasco trying to get 100mbit installed. after having no service for 3 days they had to switch me back to my old stuff. I am trying for 75mbit now.

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

Well no luck. The department responsible for making the decision told the person helping me no. Absolutely ridiculous. I give up.

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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

Received another e-mail asking me if I was satisfied with the outcome of this post. My answer would be a big NO. Once again to be crystal clear, I do not blame the person that reached out to help me. He did everything he could to get me the speed upgrade I wanted and my line can OBVIOUSLY support. From what I understand the team responsible for making the decision about what speeds you can get at your address is the FACT team. These guys are terrible at their jobs. I challenge theme to provide me with a reason why I can not have "Internet 100" with the 105/22 profile (profile #75) on my line. The maximum loop length for that profile is 1,000 feet. My loop length is just barely 700 feet with a max sync rate of 185/43 and excellent stats (about ZERO errors of any kind per day). I'm  on a bonded pair, connected to a "N" line card. There is literally no excuse. And I know for a fact the tier is avalaible in my area considering multiple houses all around me can get it, including those that are ovbiously on a longer copper loop length (the VRAD in our area is the only one for several miles).


So no I'm not satisfied, and its all the fault of the FACT department that made the decision that I can not have the speed I want despite it being obviously and easily doable despite the tech I spoke with on the phone stating that there is no reason I should not be allowed to have it. When he called me back to tell me that the department responsible for making the decision said no he was shocked him self and could not believe it. Shame on you AT&T, never had a company make it so hard for me to give them more of my money.


I had the exact same problem when "Internet 75" rolled out". My address kept showing 45 Mbps max for months despite everyone around being able to get 75. Reaching out to AT&T several times did zero good. Eventually I got lucky and had a tech who lives in a dif state than me call in and get me switched to 17 Mhz and qualified for 75 Mbps in less than 10 mins and its been rock solid for over a year. Why do you guys make it so difficult?


Seriously considering switching to the cable company who is willing to offer me 100 Mbps with zero issue at all. I could understand if I was to far from the VRAD or my line stats were to weak but there is literally no excuse for this.



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Re: Is VDSL2 "Internet 100" only for new customers currently

Just wanted to say that the "Internet 100" plan just apperead as a option on my account a day or two ago. I was able to successfully upgrade to it on the website. About 5 mins later my modem re-synced and now it is synced at 110/22. I get 95 Mbps + download and 20 Mbps upload on speed test. Guess it was only for new customer at first, but now it seems to be opening up to those that are close enough to the VRAD.

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