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Internet data usage issues...


Internet data usage issues...

We just recently switched to att fiber plan at our home, and I don’t understand how we are going over our usage allowance.  I just pulled up our data usage chart online to find that apparently I’ve already downloaded over 3gb on 7/4/19 - and it’s currently 1030pm on 7/3/19 - can someone with At&t explain to me how I’ve already used over 3gb tomorrow?  I’m beginning to think that my “overages” that I will get charged for may not be so accurate.  


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Re: Internet data usage issues...

The data is reported in GMT, depending on where you are in the US this can be 4 hours to 7 hours difference. For East coast, 10:30 pm is 2:30 am next day in GMT. For the Central Time zone (Midwest where I am at in Wisconsin) the difference is 5 hours.


As far as 3gb  usage....

Streaming an HD program from Netflix for 1 hour is about 3gb. Your 1T data cap can be used by a single device streaming HD content for 11 hours a day for 30 days or 3GB/hour x 11 hours x 30 days is 990G not counting any uploading data or any other device downloading.




If your a cord cutter will want to spend the extra $30 for unlimited or subscribe to either Uverse IPTV or DirecTv if do not want to see $10/50G overage charges up to $100 per month. 

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