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How to get AT&T internet in rural area


How to get AT&T internet in rural area

So, I live in a rural community. My neighbor, who lives across the street from me, has AT&T internet. He says they had a service tech come out to their house and get on the roof and do some walking around and aiming some device toward a tower and was able to successfully get internet provided.


I have another neighbor who lives less than a mile away who also has AT&T internet, though he says he receives his over a traditional phone line.


When I call AT&T, I can't get any help. They said they would send someone to my area (not my home) to check it out. When I followed up weeks later they just told me my area doesn't qualify for service and they'll send out flyers in the future whenever it does... Who can I talk to to get the same service as my neighbor? My house is even set higher up with a cleaner line of sight in every direction!

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‎04-22-2019 10:07 AM

Re: How to get AT&T internet in rural area

Check your address in the database for ATT Fixed Wireless.


This is scheduled for 1.1 million addresses by end 2020 within 18 states. 220,000 are being added in 2019 and 2020 to reach 1.1 million. Current offer includes 215G data cap for $60 a month for 12 months, $10/50G overage charges up to $200 per month. Thus max cost could be $260 per month plus taxes/fees where apply. Installation cost $99 by DirecTv contractor to install antenna.


You may also want to consider the mobility product offering called WHPI aka hotspot, has similar speeds as both are cellular service. No installation cost. Check at ATT cellular store for plans, pricing. 

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: How to get AT&T internet in rural area

Awesome. I have a service tech out now to install the fixed wireless. I'm a little upset AT&T didn't tell me a month ago when I first asked about my internet options, they just told me there were no internet options for me. So now I've got to pay $345 to get out of my ViaSat contract. Does the right hand ever talk to the left hand? Because I got transferred to 6 different people on the Chat last week and nobody seemed to know what Fixed Wireless was. In any case, my new 430GB data limit is much better than my current 50GB limit, and for half the cost. So this positive outweighs any of the negative.

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