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Help with 'early' termination fees


Help with 'early' termination fees

Hello all,


We've had AT&T 'service' (lots of quotation marks on this because to call what we've been getting a service would be to hugely misrepresent what is happening!) since September. The 'service' has been awful and extremely unreliable. We've never had the speed we're paying for and many (many!) days during that time we've had so many packet drops and errors that it was simply unusable.


I've been patiently putting up with it for two simple reasons: 1) we have no other viable choices, 2) everyone (or almost everyone) I've spoken to at AT&T has been super nice and they've attempted to repair the issues. 


As of today, however, things have changed. It is clear that no matter how hard the fine folks at AT&T try to fix things (and they have made considerable inroads. For one, we no longer have the massive number of errors and packet drops), we're still not getting the quality of service we are paying for. We still have dramatic slow-downs that make the service all but unusable. I've been told (several times) that in the face of these ongoing issues, they should be able to waive the fees.


The people at the 800 number are not honoring our repeated requests to end the contract. Instead, they've run the entire gamut in terms of illogical/fallacious arguments and fabrication of excuses: 'your PC must be doing a system update,' your Google Home must be updating,etc. They've deployed every single type of opportunity to blame the client as is available to them. 


Despite the bad service, we've payed every month up to this point. That said, it is unreasonable to expect us to continue sending money when the 'service' is just not being provided. We've been at this since September and the results are consistent. 


We want out of our contract 'early' because AT&T is not living up to its end of the bargain. Surely there's someone at AT&T who can understand that we are not balking at our responsibility. 

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Re: Help with 'early' termination fees

I don't think you are going to get out of the contract (early termination fees are $15/month times the number of months remaining on the contract).  But I would think the group to talk to are the retentions/cancellation department.  Call the standard 800-288-2020 number and ask for "retentions" or "cancel" as you navigate down the phone tree.  Verify you got them when someone answers.  Then discuss your problems with them.

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