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Fixed wireless internet in Washington county FL


Fixed wireless internet in Washington county FL

I live in a rural community in Washington county in Florida. Trying to get fixed wireless so that my autistic son (starts school Aug 10th) can take specialized online classes, but getting the same run-around....fixed wireless is not available at your address. I’ve call the fixed wireless line, ATT regular line, tweeted and emailed the president of ATT Florida, even tried to switch from Dish to Directv if they would only authorize my address. Washington county is supposed to have it but even after thorough investigation, I’ve only found one person that has it.....surprise surprise an ATT installer. I don’t NEED this, but my son does. 

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‎07-31-2018 10:52 AM

Re: Fixed wireless internet in Washington county FL

Hello @shadowfrom88


We understand how important it is that you have Internet service for your son! There are several reasons as to why your address is not serviceable at the moment. It's possible that your address is considered to be outside the range of coverage, there is no tower in place yet, or there is a tower, but it has not yet been authorized. We're constantly working to bring Internet service to communities across the country and ask for your patience while we work to accomplish that!


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Fixed wireless internet in Washington county FL

Turns out the correct answer was none of those reasons. It all came down to my census block was considered too costly to supply service.

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Re: Fixed wireless internet in Washington county FL

shadowfrom88, go to the att fixed wireless website and put your address in. If it says you can get you probably can. I did this---then called the  poorly trained  CSRs on their 800. Thepoorly trained CSR proceeded to tell me it was not available and I told him I had been getting mailings---and also the website said it was available. Long story short---I did hook it up and it works outstandingly. There are a few issues but I can work around them. My biggest issues are that it seems a few websites are not compatible with it and nobody seems to know why. I cannot get on one of my bank websites. So I am unable to do mobile deposits. I can get on fine with Verizon so I know it is something related to ATT Fixed Wireless. 


Some guys in white cars (lol....) came out while the "Direct TV" installer was here installing the fixed wireless (more lol....) and I asked them how many people had signed up in my county---which has about 40,000 pop. They said 24!  I think they must just be getting money from Connect America and don't care how many people sign up. In any event, it is an outstanding alternative and I get great speeds and excellent reliability. I have had it for about a month now and no issues except the ones mentioned above with access to a few sites. 

Keep trying and nagging them!

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