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Does AT&T Internet have month-to-month service?


Does AT&T Internet have month-to-month service?

I'd like to set up an internet connection in my apartment in San Bruno, CA. 

I prefer not to have yearly contact so I am looking for a month-to-month plan for internet. 

However, it seems there is no option for that. If not, how much will it cost if I use the internet for 6 months and break the one year contract? 

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‎09-14-2019 4:21 AM

Re: Does AT&T Internet have month-to-month service?

Internet only...

$99 installation.

12 month promo contract, standalone service from 10-100 (best address can be supported) is $50 per month.


Early Termination Fee is $180, pro rated $15 per month for each month remaining. If cancel after 6 months would be 15x6 or $90. 


Note, after 12 months the rate would increase either $10 to $15 depending on then current pricing. 


In essence receiving $10 discount per month while subject to $15 ETF per month. 7 months of service is near break even point... $70 in discounts received while $75 to cancel at 7 months. Result keeping service 8 or more months is saving money compared to retail pricing.


Note... If receive a REWARDS card this would change the months break even... $50 REWARD card with $10 discount moves break even to 5 months... $100 savings compared to $105 ETF.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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