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DirectTV Now and Unlimited Data Plus - Can it work?


DirectTV Now and Unlimited Data Plus - Can it work?

We unfortunately have internet options of Cox and Century Link.  Everyone says Cox is much better and I agree that it's fine.  However, we have had an increase in our Cox TV and Internet of $40 a month since January due to a 12 mo deal.  We're not under contract to stay, but even if I cut Cox Contour off, they'll increase our internet alone to $88 monthly.  It's currently $68 but will be $88 next July because of a 24 mo deal.  I think we'd still save money overall if we drop Cox TV but it's minimal after getting the cheapest Direct TV Now package and either Hulu or Netflix to the fold.  I'm hopeful internet with AT&T will come to Phoenix eventually, but in the meantime, I was wondering about tethering an unlimited plus plan.  We share 4 lines at 6gb now, but would tethering to an unlimited plus plan eat up the 22gb quickly?  


Would streaming on an AT&T Unlimited Plus plan be a valid option?  Thanks for any advice.

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‎10-07-2017 12:29 PM

Re: DirectTV Now and Unlimited Data Plus - Can it work?

Hi @romac13,

To simply answer your question, yes, you can order DIRECTV NOW and not have to worry about data if your devices are on an AT&T plan. Our DIRECTV NOW article goes over this in more detail.

If you wish to tether, this link will go over that information. Streaming nowadays can eat up a lot of data but the really cool option with DIRECTV NOW and AT&T Mobile services, the data does not hit your plan. It is super convenient.

I hope this information helps and my apologies for the delay.

ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: DirectTV Now and Unlimited Data Plus - Can it work?

Thanks Chris.  After considering the option, we decided to stick with Cox until other options become available.  Hoping for AT&T or Google to enter the Phoenix market.  But we'll probably switch to DirectTV Now in the near future.

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