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Bridge Mode on 5268AC FXN and possible cancellation


Bridge Mode on 5268AC FXN and possible cancellation

I was quite excited to be the first in the neighborhood to have fiber installed, I guess it was we never received any advertisements that it was available. 

It took a few weeks, but despite controversy about whether it really was available we had it installed. 


The first AIO modem/router had some great speeds, but fairly poor page load speeds. I called AT&T support and they wanted to direct me to paid support. I wanted to be able to use their unit with my Eero mesh system. I called Eero and they helped, but things were still problematic. 


I then contacted support and specifically requested a modem that supported bridge mode and it was shipped. It has no specific bridge mode, but with the help of the internet I had it up and running as a modem, Eero doing the rest, for a while that was. 


Today I put Eero in bridge mode, page load speeds still slower than if I used Eero to do all the heavy lifting. It's been years since I had DSL, but I now remember how hard it was to get anything working with a non-cable internet provider. To add insult when I called Charter they offered me their faster internet at a cheaper price than my 60/4, despite their website saying I could only get it if I also subscribed to phone or TV.


For the moment I'm frustrated with the ability of the two modems to work with Eero and the reliability of workarounds. I know it's been asked before, and I've read the solutions, but is there a best way to get the 5268AC in bridge mode? 


If not what would I be looking at for cancellation on the service I started just days ago?

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‎06-19-2018 7:37 PM

Re: Bridge Mode on 5268AC FXN and possible cancellation

5268 would be DMZ mode....

No ATT gateway offers true bridge mode, either DMZ for Pace  or IP passthrough for Arris.


If had service beyond 30 days...

The early termination if $180 per service pro rated $15 per month. Means owe $15 for each month remaining on 12 contract promotional contract. At 10 months $150, 6 months $90, etc.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Bridge Mode on 5268AC FXN and possible cancellation

Thank you. Was unsure if the rates I read were current, but apparently are. Speeds are great, but the supplied modems add too much complexity to management of my network.

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