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4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!


4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!

I just signed up for ATT's WHPI plan, which is now just called the Wireless Home Phone Unlimited I guess with an add on data package. I had the Unlimited Plus plan but we started experiencing very slow data speeds (<1Mbps) this past Sunday evening and was informed by ATT that we were being throttled due to that plan. We had been hammering the internet and used about 100GB prior to Sunday and never had an issue, basically testing it to it's max to see how it would perform. So I went back in the store and switched to the 500GB plan available in my area. All reps I spoke with said the 500GB was not subject to the throttling which you get if you go over 22GB on the Plus plan. After this plan switch we are still experiencing this horrible slow down in speed and high latency times, sometimes over 300ms and it seems to happen anytime between 6-8pm. If I check it again, say around 3am, we are back up to low latency (60-70ms) and 10-15Mbps. Are we getting throttled? If so, why would the latency go so high and why only this time of the day? We live in an area away from any city and the tower is about 2 miles from my house. I just can't see why that tower would be congested when hardly anyone is in the area? Has anyone else that has went over the 22GB threshold or on the 250 or 500GB plan notice this type of throttling? Thanks!



Testing that I've done to no avail:

- Rebooted home base and router

- Removed router altogether and connected direct to WIFI on the base

- Made sure all other devices were disconnected

- Constant signal strength of -100dbm (base shows 3 bars)

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Re: 4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!

Every time I call no one seems know what a home base device is. Bizarre. We'll see if speeds go up on the 1st of the month when we start a new cycle. If not pretty much Junk. 

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‎11-28-2017 6:58 AM

Re: 4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!

UPDATE!! So I got to thinking, ATT ran a bunch of tests, network on their end seemed fine. The issue seemed to happen every night, the same time that we use our laptop to stream shows. So I wondered, could it be the laptop?? For S's and G's, I shut down the laptop and monitored the home base signal. With laptop on, it had one bar at best, laptop off, it jumped to 3 bars! I was like "NO WAY!!". Turned laptop back on, one bar. what the?!! So I dug deeper, left laptop on, unplugged HDMI cable that we had running from the laptop to the home theater receiver, back to 3 bars! What?? Crazy! So I kept going, turning off the receiver next with HDMI cable plugged in, same result, signal restored! It was then that I realized the land line phone that was connected to the home base was sitting ON that receiver! I moved the phone away with laptop on, connected to HDMI and receiver on, guess what?? Signal restored!! It was that land line phone picking up the HDMI signal and causing interference with the home base 4G signal!! How crazy is that?!! So this whole time it had nothing to do with ATT's network, which stinks cause I dropped the unlimited plus plan thinking they were throttling me! Oh well, just glad I figured it out. So, if you are having similar issues check your land line phone, unplug it from the base and see what happens!

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Re: 4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!

 in another post you mentioned your settings for getting the dmz to work, i am trying to setup my dvr for offsite viewing, and am unable to get the dmz or the port forwarding to work, what were you using the dmz for and do you think your settings would allow me my access


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Re: 4G LTE Speeds super slow every night!

You need to turn of SmartStream in your ATT Account settings for streaming shows to work well, in my experience.  they just deployed this "feature" a few months ago-- but it specifically throttles video streaming.

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