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Wireless TV AP under DMZPlus


Wireless TV AP under DMZPlus

So I just got a ASUS RT-AC68U because I was tired of the poor reception I got around my house from the b/g router AT&T supplied years ago.


I set it up by putting the ASUS into DMZPlus, disabling the RG's wireless and using the RG simply as a modem.

This included binding my router to a 192.168.2.x range so as to not interfere with the RG's range.


Everything works fine for me now except for one piece of hardware:

The Cisco AP broadcaster thats sole job is to connect to the wireless Cisco TV receiver that AT&T installed in one room.


When the broadcaster is plugged into the back of the ASUS, it doesn't work at all.

When it's plugged into the back of the RG, it works for TV signal but doesn't let me record or access any of my saved recordings. (NOTE: I can record and access my saved recordings on the WIRED AT&T DVR upstairs)


I'm guessing the only reason I get TV signal on the old RG and not the new router is because the port forwarding for TCP port 443 still exists on the RG and not the router, but when I have it plugged into the router, only the MAC address for the RECEIVER shows up, not the BROADCASTER so I can't seem to port forward it.

Either way, connected to the RG, the recordings still don't show and it has the ports forwarded.


Sorry if I didn't get the point across or if it was too covoluted, but it's hard for me to explain.


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions!

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Re: Wireless TV AP under DMZPlus

First the Wireless Access Point (WAP) from Uverse needs to be connected directly to RG.
As stated live TV works when attached this way.

Now for DVR functions to work the RG needs to build an IPTV device list and how connected. (Unplug RG, DVR, wifi receiver)
This requires performing a factory reset of the RG, depress button on back of RG for min. 10 seconds while reapply power.
After RG is stable, power DVR wait for reboot (5 minutes), power wifi receiver wait 5 minutes for guide and DVR functions to load. Test DVR functions Pause, Play, Record. If issue continues repeat.

Note: this restores RG to default settings, might wish to record any custom changes made before factory resetting RG.
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Re: Wireless TV AP under DMZPlus

Thank you sir, this worked like a charm!

I appreciate the quick response as well Smiley Happy

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