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Weak Signal in Living Room

Weak Signal in Living Room


       I have the UVerse 450 package and am mostly happy with it however, my blueray player, which is located in my living room, can not connect to the wireless signal.  I live in a large 3 bedroom apartment and there is a distance of about 30 to 35 feet between the master bedroom and the living room.


The UVerse equipment is located in the master bedroom.  I have the following items:

Pace Router/Modem model# 3801HGV

Motorola Wireless Access Point model# VAP2500


The UVerse wireless reciever located in the living room works fine for the most part (a few skips every now and then).  Unfortunately, I do not have the option of running a hard wired(ethernet) connection so was wondering if there was another way to solve this issue.



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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

Do you have internal coax cabling that you can use with your residental gateway? All of my boxes are connected via coax with HPNA enable on the gateway. I know that the reason to use the wireless boxes is so you don't have to deal with cables but wireless is only a half duplex medium. Also are you using 802.11n? That would increase your data rates and possibly reduce performance issue.


Another thing you can check is the wireless channels around your building. Living in an appartment complex can be an issue if you're using 2.4GHz band. I suggest downloading inSSIDer from metageek to to your laptop or desktop with wireless radio to check channels. 2.4GHz band only has 3 channels that are non overlapping (1,6,11). If you have a 5GHz radio then you have more options but be sure to use a channel that others are not using. Hope this helps.

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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

Hi tankb9663,

   By residential gateway, are you referring to the router/modem or the wireless access point.  The router/modem does have a coaxial output on it, but when the tech installed unversed, he did not use this output.  Also, I work from home so my company provides me with company sponsored internet service, which is currently coming from Charter.

I do have some old wireless phones but I was having this issue the day the tech set up the service.  I told him about it but he just mostly shrugged his shoulders and said there was nothing he could do about it.

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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

jdhock8865 - I find your description very confusing.

You say you have U450 (this is only TV) and Charter Internet. (So, you do not need & do not have U-verse internet)

Do you have U-verse voice for phone? Are you having a problem with the phone?

If you have only Charter internet, the blue connects to that. If you also have U_vere internet you should be able to connect to either.

The WAP is for TV & has nothing to do with the internet.
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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

Hi aviewer,

     I apologize for the confusion, I will try to explain.  I work from home, so the company I work for pays for and supplies me with internet service for my job, which is provided by Charter.  I have no choice in the provider.  I use one of the bedrooms for an office.

For my own personal use, I have Uverse service.  I have the ATT Uverse 450 package as well as ATT internet and ATT home phone.  All of the equipment was installed in the master bedroom, which is about  35 feet from the living room.

My issue is that the wireless signal coming from the wireless access point located in the master bedroom is too weak to be picked up by my blu ray player located in the living room and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do.





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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

Wording I believe may be part of issue
in Uverse wireless access point (WAP) refers to the pencil sharpener looking box that provides signal to a wireless set top box receiver.
Residential Gateway (RG) is the main modem/router that provides IPTV, VOIP and HSIA (2.4 ghz..b/g)
This is what you are referring to having trouble connecting (internet connection)....

choices are hardwire to RG,staple ethernet cable to baseboards to provide connection.
Move the RG to living room if a phone jack exists, as a move request, normal charge $149.
Invest in a wireless adapter like
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Re: Weak Signal in Living Room

Hi mythoughts,

   Yes, wording was the issue, thank you for clarifying.  I had thought about running an Ethernet cable from the RG to the bluray player but I was thinking I could drill a couple of holes in the wall and do it that way, but I am not too comfortable drilling holes in an apartment wall.  I could also just run the cable as you suggested but I would not like way it would look.

I do like your suggestion of a wireless range extender however.  I was not aware such a device existed. I looked on best buy and they appear to have some so I will pick one up tomorrow and see if it works.  Thanks much for the help.


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