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UVerse - cable connection


UVerse - cable connection

Hi, I'm a new UVerse user, just connected today in fact. But I had all sorts of crazy issues with the install process and I'm just curious if this is typical. Not a warm fuzzy feeling.


1)When I ordered the service they recommended self-install which was fine with me. I said I had one question - What did the ATT modem connect to? That I currently had Comcast cable, so my modem connected to the cable - but what about ATT? I was told no problem, that the ATT gateway connected right to the same cable.


2) So my self-install kit arrives, and there is NOTHING about connecting to cable with it. It came with a whole bunch of DSL filters, and instructions to plug the modem into a phone jack. Great, since I have NO PHONE JACKS in my house.


3) Called back ATT, they said yes, I needed a phone jack. I asked why the first person had told me I just connected to the cable, they said they had no idea, but they would send out a technician to install a phone jack for me.


4) Today technician arrives. He says, No, I don't need any phone jack. But for the service I want you can't do a self-install. It has to be installed by a technician. He did something outside the house, and then came in, said they had sent me the wrong modem, and went and got another one from his truck.  And this one he DID connect right up to the old cable wire that Comcast has previously used.


The install instructions I had said you HAD to be connected via ethernet to do the registration wtih ATT, but this turned out to be false also. Once the gateway booted up I was able to just go into my network settings and connect to the 2WIREXXX network just fine using the netwok key taped to the gateway. I was then able to register just fine. I then went around the house and re-connected my Roku box, cell phone, tablet device, second computer and wireless printer to the new network. That all took me about 10 minutes. Everything seems to be working great.


But now I will have a $99 install charge. I don't see how I could have avoided that under the circumstances. But I'll make that up in 2 months when I compare my current charges to what I was paying Comcast, so no big deal.


But what's with all the different stories I got? And in searching UVerse support all I could find was stuff about connecting through a phone line, and nothing about a cable connection. So all's well that seems to be ending well - but all the conflicting stories from different people didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Anyone else have issues like this?

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Re: UVerse - cable connection

scall0way - It is complicated & it is also flexible.

att offers many different services & they need to be applied to many different existing environments.

The self install is applied to internet only where existing tel wiring can be used. Ideally via a jack, but can be direct wired. That is what you were provided. That, too can be difficult to sort out because no one (especially you) do not know what is behind your walls & how it is wired.

I know, you got directions. But, the directions include many possibilities. You do not know which one applies & yours could be slightly different or not at all.

How could this be headed off? I can only think of - have an experienced tech survey what you have available and apply it to your environment.

When the tech looked it over he said to himself - Do I want to run a telephone wire and use the modem the customer already has or do I want use an existing coax, make the transition at the NID on the side of the house and make the long walk to my truck for a different modem.

He flipped a coin and used the existing coax.

So, each of the different stories are correct, but not for your case.

I would consider myself lucky I got a good tech in the end & got a good install.
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Re: UVerse - cable connection

Click on the hyperlink for Customer Care in my signature and send them a PM with your experience and info.  They are an escalation team who can get you help.  Watch for the blinking blue envelope next to the Sign Out button on the forum page for message notification.  They will reply to you via PM as well.

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Re: UVerse - cable connection

Thanks, your answer makes sense, though everyone seemed to be talking at cross purposes. But the technician himself seemed pretty knowledgeable, and having the modem hook up to a coax cable that was already there make sense too. Just no hint it could be done, and when I searched and searched at the ATT support site all I could find was the phone jack references and didn't see a thing about coax cable, so I was confused. But it all seems to be working great so (sofar) all's well that ends well.

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Re: UVerse - cable connection

My install was initially setup with coax running from the NID to the RG, but during a later visit another tech replaced the wire with Cat5.  That is how my RG is wired right now.

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Re: UVerse - cable connection

It is also worth noting that connecting the RG via coax requires a little gizmo at the NID called a BALUN. I'm guessing you don't have one sitting around. Techs do.
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