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U-verse vs DSL


U-verse vs DSL

I currently have DSL and am just now learning about U-verse.


1.  What are the advantages of one over the other?

2.  How does internet speed differ from DSL and U-verse?

3.  I am paying about $50 per month now for DSL, will I get the same or better internet service for the same price I currently pay for DSL?

4.  I currently have Dish Network Satellite TV, do I have to buy U-verse TV too, or can I just buy the internet service by itself?

5.  Is U=verse TV any better than Dish Network Satellite?

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Accepted by Anonymous
‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: U-verse vs DSL

1.  There are 2 Uverse HSI's, VDSL HSI (higher ping due to error correction for TV) if in range of the VRAD and IPDSLAM ADSL 2/2+ that takes over after the range of VDSL.  It will be a matter how far you are from your VRAD which one you get.  Regular DSL is being phased out by ATT.

2. You possibly qualify for up to 24M.

3. Should possibly be some promo pricing for 6-12months.

4. You can get internet only, even if you are in VDSL (where TV is possibly offered).

5.  If you are talking HD, Dish is probably better as their bit rate is higher than Uverse's, if SD, Uverse wins hands down. Smiley Wink


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