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Slow U-Verse Speeds - Not Meeting Advertised Numbers


Slow U-Verse Speeds - Not Meeting Advertised Numbers

Good day. First off, I am a bit of a newbie so please forgive me if the solution is obvious and/or has been discussed elsewhere. I did search the forums and was unable to find an answer that helped. Here is my situation - I have the Max Turbo plan with my U-Verse U300 setup, two HDTVs + DVR. The TVs work fine most of the time but my internet speed fluctuates greatly. Some times it will be 10 Mbps (per and other times it is less than 3 Mbps. Worse, at times it stalls entirely. I know that the 18 Mbps figure is not guaranteed for 100% of the time, but what should I expect? Netflix/YouTube are a challenge to run in 720P and I expect to be able to use those with this plan. I should note that I have tested with both direct connections and via wifi, and have achieved similar numbers via both. I have UV Realtime installed - here are some screenshots:





Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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Re: Slow U-Verse Speeds - Not Meeting Advertised Numbers

Quick update, this has been resolved. For anyone else having this issue, you may want to check your NAT sessions (Settings>Diagnostics>NAT) and see how many you have in use/open. I had a piece of malware that made it past my antivirus that was maxing these out. Thanks, AT&T, for resolving!

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