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Severe Stability Issues!


Severe Stability Issues!

Ok, so as with many iv seen, we had out ATT Internet switched to U-verse around 6 months ago. We are avid movie streamers as well as gamers. This makes stability a big thing for satisfaction. Anyhow, since we switched, we have had connection issue extremely often. The service light will go red, and recently the broadband light went red. Iv read up some stuff about many peoples connection stability getting worse at night, which seems to play a factor in out problems as well. Iv called AT&T about this problem around 3 times and had a tech come and check it about 3 times. Awesome guy, but it seems that nothing can be done to resolve the issue... We have tried switching out the modem for a new one like 3 times to no avail. Everything wired in the house looks good from what the tech said... I don't think anything is interfering with the line on the inside either. I had heard it mentioned by the tech that possibly switching to a lower package, (from 12 to 6mbs) would maybe aid the problem, but how irritating is that. We need the speed because were pulling a lot of gaming groups often. Nothing deathly heavy, just FFXIV online, but when playing, we don't need constant DCs. I'm not sure, but could it be crashing because we are pulling too much for it to handle? Anyhow, iv thought about looking into cable, but would rather keep ATT because we have been with them so long, so is their any way to solve this problem without downgrading speed!? Thank you. Smiley Happy
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Re: Severe Stability Issues!

Suspect you have a 510 RG on an ADSL2+, look in page of RG for SN margin, closer to 6 will have issues with rebooting. to access RG info.

As SN is a relationship of signal strength to surroundings....Three main things to look for,
1) quality of line, home run inside of house is cat5e directly wired to outside connection, no quad or cat3 tied to multiple phone jacks.
2) Distance, the longer the distance more signal loss
3) Profile, how much your trying to put through compared to relative noise on line.

As your not moving distance is pretty fixed, if have straight cat5 feed to RG no improvement can be made.
So what's left is trying not to send as much, better to be slow and stable than fast and intermittent (tortoise and the hare)
As condition change as night, including lights in parking lots, inside home, various usage can increase noise, increase errors on line, RG reboots (retrains).
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Re: Severe Stability Issues!

Thanks for the quick response, and the information/link you gave me were both interesting and informative. So I guess the only way is to drop the connection, as the technicians acted like our wiring inside of the house looked exceptional. I'll check out the SN margin as well as move it away from all things noise related... Is their any kind of modem that could help with the problem? Aside from that, I'll use this to figure something out as it just sounds like the problem is part of the "nature of the beast" so to speak.
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Re: Severe Stability Issues!

I have been a DSL customer for many years. After intermittent trouble with my DSL service four months I was talked into switching to U-verse. After setting up an appointment for my U-verse installation for a week ahead AT&T promptly disconnected my DSL service immediately. After contacting AT&T on a weekend they said it would be Monday before they could reactivate my DSL. Therefore I went without service for a number of days after finally getting the universe Internet set up it works for one day and then went down. I was told this Saturday technician would be at my house Sunday morning between eight and noon. The text did not show up I called AT&T scan and he said it would be Monday before tech could come out. After 15 years of service with AT&T with Internet and phone service on two households and numerous wireless lines it is now time for me to find a more reliable provider. So disappointing that AT&T spends all the effort to get new customers and not keeping their current customers happy.
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