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Set Top Box to Router?


Set Top Box to Router?

Is this safe?

I bought a router to boost the signal from the gateway and make it accessible in my room (it's literally like 20-30 feet down the hall, seems like nothing) but was completely unsuccessful.

The cable guy said I could hook my ps3 up to the STB, but to avoid plugging the laptop directly in. However I think I read that someone had plugged a wireless router into it with good results.

I now have a wireless router hooked into the back of the STB in my room, and that is transmitting a good enough signal for my laptop. The ps3 is hooked directly to the back of the router.

So far with great results. No degradation in performance of the game, the computer, nor the t.v.

Is there any reason this should not be done, or as long as it doesn't cause DVR issues is it fine?

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Re: Set Top Box to Router?

When you say cable, do you mean Uverse?


If so, yes, the Ethernet port on the STBs/DVR can be used for Internet access.  It is possible to see the TV portion degrade, but if you're not having that problem, go for it!

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Re: Set Top Box to Router?

Yes I definitely mean U-Verse. I'm just in the habit of calling any high-speed internet and television combo "cable."

Thanks for the response though. So far no issues have seemed to arise.

And to think I was about to return my router to Staples as a failed investment. So glad I decided to try this first. Now I have a network being broadcast about 5 feet from my laptop.

Definitely much better reception here. XD

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Re: Set Top Box to Router?

NP & YW. Smiley Wink


Just needed to get you posted in the right forum.

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