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No Wireless on 3600HGV


No Wireless on 3600HGV

I just signed up with U-Verse and AT&T shipped me a 2WIRE 3600HGV Modem.


The internet runs perfectly via wire into my computer, but none of my family's smart phones— including my own— can get any wi-fi.


The light next to "Wireless" on my modem is not blinking.


Does anybody have some insight into this?

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

Is wireless security enabled on the gateway?  Is the correct wireless network access key being entered into the smart phones to access the wireless network?


By the way, the wireless light on the gateway will only be visible when a wireless device is accessing the network.

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

Wireless Security is enabled, however, Wi-Fi Protected Setup is not. I am 100% sure that I know the correct password, but that isn't the problem.


The smartphones do not even detect my network at all. When I try to manually connect, the smart phones says they cannot detect my network. I am also 100% sure I know what my network name is.

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV



I was able to connect wirelessly to my Android phone but the signal is poor and can randomly disappear altogether.

No Apple devices have been able to connect(iPod Touch, iPhone) because they cannot find the network.

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

You may have a bad gateway if no devices are able to find the signal.

Contact AT&T at 800-288-2020 and request a gateway replacement.
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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

AT&T shipped in a new router and the wi-fi works now. Thank you to all who assisted me.

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

Is it just that easy to request a new one? I have the same exact issue and have talked to customer support and they transferred me to Connect Tech who was gonna charge me. I told them before I pay I'll just go right back to Comcast.
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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

Just checked and I have the same kind of router.


In fact, I caught the technician who switched everything over on the Customer Interface side a month ago who said there was a good chance I'd have to swap out my 3600HGV 2wire router because of wireless issues.


Why is AT&T still using these defective gateways if they already know there's a problem? And can I just call up customer support and tell them my wireless isn't working, this is apparently a known issue on your side, let's cut to the chase and just get me a new router?

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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

I'm having the same problem. At first when I got it it was working perfectly find after a week it didn't work. I have to go really close to it to work.
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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

You may request a new 3600 or the newer 5031 be aware that both are consumer owed devices, meaning once registered, a replacement is $100 billed to your account. If your current unit is still under warranty you will need to return via ups, once received a $100 credit will be issued to your account. If ownership is past a year then dispose of 3600, no credit and just purchase new unit.
If tech dispatch, the tech is not supposed to take your old unit, it belongs to you, again if under warranty you are responsible for return to receive credit.
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Re: No Wireless on 3600HGV

I am having the same problem with my 3600HGV, i.e. the wired connection is working great. However, the wifi is dead. The tech support guys in India reset my router through the command line  however, the wifi is not coming back. I can connect the computers through the ports in the back and get full bandwidth! The techn support through chat have scheduled a technician to come out today! Will update after the technicians visit! The router is only 6 months old!

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