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New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature


New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

How do I put the CNET and PCWorld News Stories Content back on this New ATT Home ???

.... This customized News Stories Content is the Most Important Feature of using the ATT Home Page for me, but now its gone and that was the main reason why I used ATT for My Home Page. ... Very Frustrated with this customized news content removal.

... So, what Home Page can I use now to have Customized News Content ???  --- Any one have a Suggestion ???


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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

Thankyou, Art333. This worked (though it took a few tries to make it stick, because my homepage protection kept popping up for a bit). I hope that we can continue to use this to bypass the "new" look. I've already contacted AT&T by phone, and complained, and it took a few minutes to make the rep understand just how angry I and all of you are over this, and got her to open up a ticket on this issue, because her first response was, "Sorry, but this is the new homepage, and there's no going back." So, I suggest that all of you CALL AT&T and start complaining and force them to open up tickets on this issue. I have a feeling that complaining here alone is not going to do anything. CALL THEM AND COMPLAIN!
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Re: personalize home page

Hi, you might want to take a look here: http://forums.att.com/t5/Email-Internet-Security/New-ATT-Page-My-Customized-News-Content-is-Gone-Was...
This thread seems to have the most people in it, and there might even be a suggestion in it that might help you. I too, am very angry with what AT&T has done with the homepage.

I also suggest CALLING AT&T to complain, and don't let them tell you that it's permanent and to just get used to it. FORCE them to open up a ticket on the issue. If enough people call in and complain, and they are all forced to open up tickets, their department heads will HAVE to look further into the issue, and perhaps the company will have to rethink this mess up. I just honestly don't think that complaining here alone will make AT&T open their eyes. If everyone who has been complaining here on this board, also called AT&T and flooded them with calls, they'd have to do something to correct the situation.

Good luck!
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/end rant

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Obviously, they only want us to be able to read the news THEY want us to read !!!!




(And yes, I know all caps is yelling ... I AM SO MAD I AM YELLING !!!!!!)



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Yes, DEFINITELY call them! Do not solely rely on posting to this board. CALL THEM TO MAKE THEM SEE THAT THIS WAS POOR THINKING, AND FAILURE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE! Force them to open up a support ticket on this issue. The more people who do this, perhaps the more likely they'll be to rethink the new homepage.

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new home page SUCKS

I absolutely HATE the new AT&T Home Page!!  How dare they tell us what they want us to view --- I am sick of the Obama ads right at the top of the page!  And now right smack in the middle, I have to look at NBC shows??? How political can you get!!  This is DISGUSTING forcing this down our throats!  WE PAY FOR THIS -- so we should have all control over what we see/read and where we want it on the page!!!   SOCIALISTS!!!

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Personalized (Old) Home Page = my.yahoo.com

Kudos to "Kong57" on the Uverse forum for figuring this out!


Kong57's post

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Introducing the New AT&T Foie Gras Home Page

AT&T, today, force-fed the new AT&T Foie Gras Home Page onto me.  As others are, I too, am very unhappy about being force-fed something that I did not ask for, something I did not want, something I do not want, something I detest.  Who cares about the custom theme of my old page?  AT&T does not.  Who cares about the RSS feeds I had for things I cared about?  Not AT&T.  Who cares about me deciding the layout of my own home page? AT&T? Nope!  Who cares that the weather defaults to where my ISP server connects and does not allow me to default to the location I want?  AT&T does not.  Who cares about the items force-fed by AT&T?   I do not.  In fact, the force-fed items on the home page are so poorly designed that I cannot do anything but laugh at the AT&T designers of this page.  They must have been scraped from the gutters of some lowly scummy hole.  Anyone with a sense of human factors must have been fired from AT&T because anyone with the slightest sense of human factors in design would not have force-fed this crap to us.  Who cares about AT&T?  Not me!


I think I will default my home page to a blank page or maybe of a duck being force-fed.  That will remind of AT&T, and how the duck feels.

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

Unless I get customization back I'm leaving ATT as my home page. I hope everyone else does too. And I take offence at you for not letting me use an really innocuous word to describe whoever authorized this change. .

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changing the format for ATT news entertainment sports and finance. ,

Everything was on one page.If it aint broke , don't mess with it.I was on the fence as to whether to drop ATT and go with cable which is cheaper and faster , you may have made up my mind!

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AT&T finds new ways to alienate its customers

Today I was forced to a new home page.  When I 'chatted' with the tech support person asking how I could recover my bookmarks, I was given a link to follow (http://bookmarks.yahoo.com) that would give me access.  The link didn't work.  The chatter then told me to remove my history, cookies and temp files, refresh the window and try again.  I refused and asked that she have me contacted when they could that website working.  I have heard nothing.


I was also informed that the page was not customizable but that I could learn to use AT&T widgets to regain some of that functionality - lucky me.


So, I said, let me make sure I understand this.  I am forced to a new home page with no warning so I could prepare.  I cannot get to my bookmarks, nor can I personalize my page so I can see my weather, team scores, local headlines, and stock prices WITHOUT having to do anything but scroll up and down (I use large fonts!).  And, for the last two months I have experienced poor DSL service, countless connection issues and unreliable email as this transition, of which I was not notified, was being prepared.  For the honor of having no say over my content, poor performance, poor customer service and a complete inability to resolved my bookmark issue, I get to pay AT&T a rather hefty monthly fee (plus I can't get the maximum speed because I am too far from the hub!).


Gee, maybe I should shop around....


AT&T - get the message - if the clogged chat sessions, interminable phone support waits aren't convincing you to reconsider this abysmal customer service blunder, then you are doomed to crash in upon yourself and collapse.

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

Who was the dolt that thoght this was a good idea? Everything was on one page, now I can't find anything except for Charters phone number to drop you people like a bad girlfriend..

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

This has to be the stupidest migration to an unwanted and unneeded feature ever.  No advance warning, no chance for migration of specialized content, no nothing.  ATT MADE ME LOOSE 3 YEARS OF RSS FEED AGGREGATION WITH NO RECOURSE!   BRING IT BACK !


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

I want my old homepage back.  This is incredibly bad form by ATT.  What is really bad is there is no way on the new, "improved" homepage to register a complaint.  Is anyone from ATT listening??

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This homepage change is absolutely awful. This unannounced switch lost all my personalizations!.

This homepage change is absolutely awful. I've spent hours searching for just the right RSS feeds and other personalized things for my homepage, and this unannounced switch lost everything! Why can't we heep out personilizations? Why wen't we even warned of these so that we can save them, or at least list them. How RUDE and UNCARING of AT&T. I will find another homepage to personalize now, unless there is something I can't see that will retrieve everything.

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