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New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature


New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

How do I put the CNET and PCWorld News Stories Content back on this New ATT Home ???

.... This customized News Stories Content is the Most Important Feature of using the ATT Home Page for me, but now its gone and that was the main reason why I used ATT for My Home Page. ... Very Frustrated with this customized news content removal.

... So, what Home Page can I use now to have Customized News Content ???  --- Any one have a Suggestion ???


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Re: HATE the new homepage Thanks for the choice. Poor internet connections, no choice. Bye Bye AT+T

I like the old home page also. You could change the back grounds for the holidays. I could just go and click on my tracking tab, now I have to find out where to find it. I'm not a computor whiz so I don't understand some of this stuff!  

I want the old home page back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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If I was the CEO or Chairman of ATT, I would call in all the software engineers, marketing people and especially their bosses and give them all an envelope with their final paycheck and a note that says LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!  Why would they think that I want to see what they want me to see.  I want to see my stocks without seeing the DJA or S&P500.  But I'm forced to because some imbecile thinks they know my life better than me.  It gets me that when setting up a portfolio, it gives you the option of seeing the leading indicators.  I did not choose any of them.  When I click on finance the first thing I see are the leading indicators.  If I want to see MY portfolio, I have to click 2 more times.  The weather is another one.  I don't care about the weather at "My location", because that is not my location.  It's miles away.  I have no clue to exactly where it is.  Also the default location is where I have a post office box that I visit 2 times a week.  Why would I care about the weather at the post office.  I tried to make the changes per their instructions, but they don't work.   The old system wasn't perfect, but if I wanted to check my stocks, I looked at the top middle column.  How did my sports teams do yesterday?  Bottom middle.  Sports news top left.  I set things up as they were of interest to me.  Not some self-important donkey (I couldn't say jackbleep) in a cubicle 2,000 miles away.  I'll give them a little time to fix it, but in the meantime, I'm going to check out other services.  That will go for my phone service also.

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Re: How do I get my old Home Page back?

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new AT&T home page

I do not like the new AT&T home page.  I do not like the photos moving by themselves, nor do I like not having alot of items to look at (as it was before the change). 


I found it very difficult to find where to set up this message.  It needs to be easier for folks like me who are NOT computer gurus.

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

If you would have been a Telco Employee you would have really made fun of my age as Pic BBox's were introduced B4 New Coke.
PS I'm exploring Firefox Just in case they remove the Yahoo link
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New homepage

Why this awful change - I hate it!  I want my customized homepage back!  This thing is awful - I'm going to have to find something else for sure!

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Re: new AT&T home page

On your browser open tools open internet options where http// is highlighted type click use current,apply,OK. this is yahoo's address to our old home pages. ATT will not tell you this.

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Re: New homepage

This worked:  Go to yahoo,com.  I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what I did because I was frantically clicking anything that looked useful.  But is the site where you want to be.  With one click more, I was at my regular customized home page.  Next:  go to Tools, then Internet options.  With your home page in view and its ID showing in the title line, select the first option to "set home page"  With luck AT&T will lose so many advertisers for its disgraceful, inadequate "home page" that it will rethink its strategy.  With further luck, I will never have to see it again.

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Re: New homepage

Totally agree!  I hate the white and I can't even find an option for music news headlines. Bad, bad choice. Change it back please!

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Re: New homepage

Thank you so much!  I FOUND IT at go to the left side of the page and click "my yahoo" and it goes to your customized home page.

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Re: HATE the new homepage Thanks for the choice. Poor internet connections, no choice. Bye Bye AT+T

couldn't agree with you more!! I used to be able to choose content....not anymore! Now we have all this content that noboby gives a {word filter evasion}about. I want real news!!!!!! Shame on you....Time for a change AT&T

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature

I couldn't agree more!  Why did AT&T wipe out all the features that I labored to customized?  I will never get it back the way I had it - it took months!  This is extremely uncaring.  And that Avatar for customer help can't understand a simple question!


My feeling is, if no one has an answer and I have to re-build my custom home page piece by piece, is that I might as well start fresh and make Google my home page.  There are less ads anyway.

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Re: New ATT Page - My Customized News Content is Gone !!! - Was the Most Important Feature


Set your homepage to:


Everything will be back to normal the way you had it setup.

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Dreadful new homepage

Why on Earth would AT&T change the last homepage format? We loved being able to customize the content to suit our interests. The new format is not customizable and is awkward to use.  The news headlines may say 1/20, 2/20 etc... but there are many duplicate headlines so in reality there may be only 10 or so news flashes. I was able to go to Yahoo in the toolbar and select the old homepage and put it in my favorites. It never comes up on its own but I can click on it in favorites and get it but it has to be redone each time I want to go home. Please heed all of the complaints,  AT&T,  or you will lose customers.

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Re: Dreadful new homepage

Bravo Jensley-I really dislike this new homepage for similar reasons. Att has consistently gone downhill. I am very irritated by them so much so I am thinking to switch providers. I have had it and this is the last straw. Why did they do this without asking loyal and long term customers?
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