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Need Information About Upgrading


Need Information About Upgrading



First off I would like to that I am new to AT&T as of last week and so far I haven't had the best experience starting out.


It started with a sales rep pitching the services at my house and telling me how good AT&T internet is with their fiber optic dedicated line that would be going to my house. At no point was it mentioned that the cable was IPTV and would use the same bandwidth my internet was on.


I previously had 12mb/s from WoW! and decided to go with the 18mb/s package with uverse thinking it would be more than enough to satisfy my needs. I got the rude awakening the day of the install after running a few speed tests and seeing my internet speeds go anywhere from 6mb/s - 20 mb/s depending on how many HD streams I had going.



Sorry for the rant, but basically I am looking to move to a higher internet package like the 24mb/s package. After reading a few posts from these forums I am worried that I may not even be able to get that kind of service at my house.



I have the NVG589 modem and VEN201 WAP. I tried running the UVrealtime, but from what I understand it is not compatible with the 589 yet?


Here is the SS of the Broadband statistics






I am hoping someone has good news for me because this entire process has been frustrating and stressful

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Re: Need Information About Upgrading

Hello, Hibachi01!


Thanks for posting. We would be happy to discuss your upgrade options, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Need Information About Upgrading

Sorry about the confusion...
based on distance and max sync available your on the 25M profile where best possible internet speed is Max Plus 18M.

With Uverse all bandwidth is shared with preference given to IPTV service in bandwidth allocation.
Each HD stream uses about 6M of bandwidth.
no HD... 25 minus 0 equals 25... have you18M i ternet
1 HD is 25 minus 6 yields 19.. close to 18M internet
2HD is 25 minus 12 yields 13 have 10.5 to 12 internet
3 HD is 25 minus 18 yields 7 have 5.5 to 7 internet.

As your total max sync availabity is less than 54M... cannot upgrade
Future release of 17a and vectoring may allow more options but currently have best available at your distance.

Profiles.... 19M best internet is 12.... 25M bonded or single bezt 18... 32M single pair only best 24... 55M bonded 45.
each needs profile plus at min. of 20 to 25 percent overage... 19 needs 24... 25 needs 30.. 32 needs 40... 55 needs 75
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Re: Need Information About Upgrading

Thank you for the information. When you speak of distance, to what are you referring to exactly that keeps me from receiving better service?


I would also like to know why over the phone tech support seems oblivious to the information that you provided about how every HD stream uses more and more bandwidth. I have spoken to roughly 4-5 people over the phone and when I tell them what is going on they act confused like they have never heard of this problem before and want to send a technician to my house.


thanks again for the information my thoughts

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Re: Need Information About Upgrading

Distance.... in your market there is a central Hub for us it is downtown Milwaukee and covers six counties in SE Wisconsin.

Fiber rums from the central hub to various local connections known as VRAD for Video Read Access Device (google images for vrad) and is joined to the copper phone lines feeding the neighberhood... these are known as FTTN or Fiber To The Node type of installs compared to Fiber To The Premise or Home aka FTTP or FTTH installs.

Copper wire suffers signal loss roughly 1M per 100 feet... the farther from VRAD the less signal available to provide service. Original Uverse was within about 3000 feet from 2006 to fall 2010. 2nd half of 2010 introduced pair bonding... providing two lines having losses and combining at home with an iNID or intelligence network interface device... a combo of RG or residential gateway and NID.

This bonded pair solution allowed for more customers to be served from a VRAD instead if deploying more vrads in communities... and came to be known as last mile. That is about 5500 feet of copper to provide service. Problem is phone lines do not run straight from VRAD to home but branches out like a web into hood... remember following and using copper phone lines that worked fine due to low bandwidth needs. Even DSL bandwidth requires are low compared to Uverse VDSL requirements.

Both your max sync rate and line attenuation leads me to believe your 4500 or so from VRAD... the 32M single profile requires 2200 feet or less (.4 of a mile).

Concerning tech support... many call centers are in non Uverse areas such as Canada or Arizona where the first line employees are script readers following a flow chart and without service available to them cannot speak from personal experience.

I OTOH am a premise tech... an installer and primary repair tech working the late shift.
Your unknown bandwidth sharing is well known to techs and likely your sister was informed during installation but as not affected did not remember.

here is Uverse Internet TOS
. These speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Throughput speed depends upon many factors including customer location, destination and traffic on the internet.... In order to provide a consistently high-quality video service, AT&T Uverse High Speed Internet throughput speeds may be temporarily reduced when a customer is using other U-verse services in a manner that requires high bandwidth. This could occur more often with higher speed Internet access products.

and fine print details
. Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors can affect actual speeds, including the use of other U-verse services"

If you were an employee or subscriber without a table or degree of affect that each stream uses what would your response be to someone asking the questions your asking... perhaps ... I am not aware of (true) tv service lowers internet speed. Or TV service is separate from internet service (true as separate service but false as shared bandwidth)

And your welcome for the information.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Need Information About Upgrading

Thanks again my thoughts for taking your time to provide me with all of the information. You explained everything very well to where I would be able to understand.


I just had a technician leave my house and he was somehow able to provide me with the 32M profile. It appears to be working in the correct manner as I am now getting 12mb/s with 3 HD sources instead of the 6mb/s I was getting previously.


On that note I would like to thank everyone for their help and guidance along this tiresome journey. Hopefully I can live in peace now that his issue has been resolved.


Have a nice day.




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