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Internet Drops Intermittently


Internet Drops Intermittently

Alright, so this one has really been eating at me for a while. I've kind of put up with it until now, but I figured I'd try you guys since I (and the AT&T techs who have been out) are stumped. Here's the story: 

I've had 18mbps U-verse internet and voice for about 5 months. I had all kinds of problems getting it installed a few years back and they told me that I was ineligible. That is, until pair-bonding came into the picture for my area. Now I have U-verse, and the voice works great and so does the internet (save for more latency than my old DSLExtreme DSL). But that's when it works. What I have experienced is with my internet service, at seemingly random times, the gateway's (2WIRE i38HG) lights (except for Ethernet and Power) go completely off. 


As you may know, there usually are lights for the internet connection and the two phone lines, among other things. But in my case, they all go out. So it seems that the RG is losing some kind of sync with the iNID in my garage or there is some other problem. What's interesting is that the phones never go down, and upon inspection of the iNID, nothing seems different. The VDSL and two phone lines are all still the same. Even the data light looks the same as usual. But since the phones are working, I know it's not a problem there. But here's the thing: the only thing that consistently fixes this problem is cutting the power to the iNID and turning it back on. That causes my phones to go out as well for a bit. And then, suddenly, all the lights are back on the residential gateway.


I called ATT and they sent someone out. They were able to observe the problem and they seemed to believe that there was a problem with the wiring. So they wired me up with a "home run," which I gather means a dedicated pair of phone wires that just go to where the RG is. This didn't really fix anything. I think latency went down a little in general, but it didn't fix the problem of these drops.


So AT&T came out again and installed a brand new iNID. They were testing everything as okay, but then again, the same problem occurs. Remember though, that the phones always worked. 


My thought would be that there is something wrong with the wiring, but I am still puzzled as to how the phone works. And what's also weird is how resetting the iNID fixes it and resetting the RG only does NOT fix this whatsoever. 


As for time of day, I seem to notice this happening more at night. I read online about how if your pedestal is near a streetlight with fluorescent lights, there can be electromagnetic interference created. This is the case with my pedestal (it is right below a streetlight), but again the phones work perfectly and we still have this problem plenty during the day. 


It does, however, seem that these are not independent events. That is, if I had to reset the iNID already, there is a higher chance that I will have to reset it again that hour.


I am utterly stumped on this one. I would think it has to be something in my house, but to be honest, I am not really sure what it could be. 

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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

Download UVRT at http://www.uvrealtime.com
Post screenshots of these tabs:
Error Table
Coax/HPNA (unless you are all Ethernet)

Note:  If you are a Mac user, this program only works on Windows OS at this time. Smiley Wink

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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

I usually use a Mac, but this is worth digging a PC out for. What a cool utility! Here's what I got:


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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

Your line actually looks pretty good.

There are two pieces to the iNID installation. One is the i3812V that is outside, the other is the i38HG which is inside. I'm betting that there is a problem with either the i38HG (bad unit) or the problem is the connection between the two units, which is a twisted pair/HPNA connection.

I would call tech support, tell them what's happening, and have them send a tech out. Have him replace that HPNA line between the two units and/or replace the i38HG.


There is a possibility that the i3812V itself is bad, if this keeps happening, then they need to replace that as well.


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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

Thanks for the reply!

 I'm also sure it's one of those THREE things, but the question is which. My DSL which I had on this same line (no home run) always worked great. 

Since they've replaced the i3812V before with no improvement, I kind of doubt that's it.


I think there is likely a problem with the connection between the two units, but is that something they can really fix?  Wouldn't they need to tear up my walls or something?


The i38HG may also be bad, I suppose. Hard to know because they test the lines and then they see everything is all good after resetting the iNID. Anything you can glean from the fact that only resetting the iNID and NOT THE i38HG fixes it? Is that a sign of something?



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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

There is another option. Inside the i3812V (the outside unit) there is an Ethernet port. By default, it is not used and disabled. But you can enable it on this page:

You can then run an Ethernet cable from the i3812V into your house, and either:

1. Connect it to the i38HG and remove the HPNA connection.
2. Disconnect the i38HG completely and use your own switch or wireless access point.

This would eliminate the HPNA connection (and potentially the i38HG) completely.

Be aware that if you do this, you need to keep the i38HG and the HPNA connection in a usable state (i.e. where you can set them back up again). If the i3812V ever gets factory reset, the Ethernet port will default to off again. You will need to hook the i38HG back up through the HPNA connection so that you can bring up that web page again to turn the Ethernet port back on.
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Re: Internet Drops Intermittently

Okay, I think that may have done it!


I had no idea you could enable Ethernet like that. AT&T guy told me it was just for servicing the iNID...


I used a powerline adapter to my Apple Airport so I wouldn't have to run new Ethernet. Powerlines seem to be good. Only 200mbps throughput, but that's more than plenty for 18mbps Uverse. We'll see if it holds up, but I think its solved. And to be honest, I didn't like the RG anyway. 


Thanks a lot for the help!

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