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I think I have line problems. Please help.


I think I have line problems. Please help.


On October 30 I switched from regular DSL to Uverse IPDSL. Only internet and phone are offered here and I kept my POTS. I subscribed for the MaxPlus 18Mbps. When the installer came and tested the line, he said I might need to drop down to the 12Mbps tier because his meter showed that I was 3200 feet from the CO and only showed it was capable of about 20Mbps and probably didn't leave enough overhead for the 18Mbps tier. I told him I would like to try for the higher speed if he thought there was a possibility for the higher speed. I also told him there was a splice in the underground drop from the street, but he said that wouldn't make any difference. The drop wire is about 40 years old and the splice is 20 or more. At first, I may have had a few drops, but it has gotten a lot worse in the past 10 days or so. I know my line stats aren't too good with SNR running in the 5.9 to 6.6 area. According to the NVG 510 modem logs I have had 291 modem retrains or drops since it was installed about 35 days ago. That is, if I am reading the logs right. A filter was installed in the NID and a Category 5 (maybe 5e) was run to the jack. I can post a couple of logs saves if it would help.




I think I either need my line improved if possible or I need to drop my speed down. I would prefer to keep my speed if I can. Can anyone here help me? I will try to give more info if I can.




Sorry it's so long. Thanks for looking.



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Re: I think I have line problems. Please help.

While glad things are better, based on continued low (6.5) SN margin, I would not rule out possibility of downgrading to 12 M Max for internet to provide improvement and stability. Best, and let us knowing how things progress.
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Re: I think I have line problems. Please help.

Thanks, "my thoughts". I will certainly consider the speed down grade if I go to having problems with the stats I have now. Everything is still very solid after 8 hours. I know that isn't a long time in the scheme of things.


Thanks to everyone who helped and to all who took the time to read and keep up with this topic.


A special thanks to customer represenative MorganCS.


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Re: I think I have line problems. Please help.

I am going to mark this topic solved. It has been over 48 hours and everything is still holding steady and strong. There has not been a modem retrain since the tech made the repairs. The weather has gone from 70° F to 32° F and there has been rain in that time period and it is holding steady.


Thanks everyone!

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Re: I think I have line problems. Please help.

Most likely it was the protector that was causing the issue on your line.


It took the hit (lightning) but even though the device still worked and let a signal go through I would never trust the device to protect the line anymore.  It's just like a surge protector power strip, just about everyone I know recommends that if your power strip did indeed take a hit to replace it.  Because once it takes a hit, at that point it sacrificed itself to save your equipment and at that point the "protection" side of it is now dead and has become an open circuit to let just about anything through including a future surge.

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Re: I think I have line problems. Please help.

Yes, trparky, I agree with your assessment. I'm sure it was the protector. It continued to function in some capacity, but was causing problems that weren't evident. I'm surprised it even survived the lightning because it was bad enough to leave a black spot on the NID cover.


Thanks for replying.  

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