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How to start and address validation case?


How to start and address validation case?

I am wondering how to start an address validation case. All my neighbors have access to fiber (and are eligible to start the service if I enter their address in the website) however I am not.

Even my next door neighbor has the service but for me it says not available.



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Re: How to start and address validation case?

Call and request a case be opened.

Provide your address and the address of next door neighbor.

Should be given a case number, response in 2 to 3 weeks.


Note, your neighbor may be the cut off unless have neighbors on either side that can order service.


If aerial fiber connection should be able to see the connections left but not installed. A 4 unit would service 4 homes, generally 2 on each side of +. Connection boxes can be from 4 to 12 but 4 and 6 are most common. Buried wiring from ped or hand hold is not as visible.

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Re: How to start and address validation case?

Yeah, I've called in the past and created cases a couple times. But noone ever gets back to me so thats why I was wondering if any help online would be better.

I understand the limits of how many users and the neighbor cutoff (which was what i guessed in the beggining). However, for any of the addresses of my neighbors in green in the picture below I can see that internet is offered. In my case (the house in orange) it doesnt even show as a possibility and says that I'm only eligible for directv which seems weird to me


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