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Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?


Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?

Hello i currently have Uverse Max 12mbps.  Took a screenshot with UV Realtime.  Can someone tell me if i can go up to 18Mbps or higher?  Any advice to increase speed is also appreciated.  Thanks for any input into this.


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?

Looking at your stats, it appears you are an HSI only customer, with a profile rate of 13M.  Your total available downstream rate is currently just under 28M.  


To get the next faster tier, 18 Mbps, you would have to have the 25 Mbps communication profile, which with a max downstream rate of 28M isn't going to happen (there isn't enough spare bandwidth for the ECC bits).  With your estimated distance of 2800 feet, this isn't too surprising.


It may be possible to talk AT&T into giving you a bonded pair installation, which probably means changing you over to the NVG 589 which you would have to rent monthly.  With two lines of 25 Mbps or better, they should be able to move you to the 25 Mbps profile and get you to the point you could have 18 Mbps HSI.


That's not a lot of extra bandwidth, and I would expect an installation charge in this situation or a contract so they can recover costs.


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Re: Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?

Thank you for the detailed response.  It makes sense since getting DSL in my area took a very long time.  I started with Shotgun Modems, went to ISDN and then finally got DSL.  It wasn't until December of last year that i was finally informed that i could get 12mbps UVERSE by a nice friendly tech who stopped by my house.  He did say he saw no reason why i couldn't get at least 12mbps and it appears that it is exactly what i will continue to get and nothing more, for the time being.  I refuse to get Comcast in my area as their customer service is horrible.  As you stated 18mbps is not much of a jump from 12mbps, but i wouldn't mind the extra scraps thrown my way.  However, it seems like too much of a hassle to go through all that for a small gain.  So i will keep what i have currently and be content.  Maybe someday i will be able to partake in the joy of Gigabit internet.  For now, its but a distant dream...

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Re: Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?

Dream of moving to Austin?

Even if your distance was shorter with better max sync availability, there would still be a tech upgrade charge of $99.
Any internet speed over max,require the full tech install with new cat5 home run,jack, etc.compared to self installold phone line, multiple jack you may have.

The package price is $5 more per month to improve download by 50%, upload stays the same.
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Re: Can i get a higher Uverse speed level?

The thought did cross my mind.  While i'm sure the women are quite beautiful in Austin, i always get this image of country music playing everywhere i go, which kind of scares me pretty bad.  As for the unavoidable $99 for the tech upgrade, it seems quite feasible with the outcome being 50% in my favor.  However, based on past experiences things don't always turn out the way one expects them to.  I would think it would be to AT&T's advantage to roll out whatever tech is necessary to secure long term customers and gain more revenue in as many areas as they possibly could.  Can you imagine if the farmer said to his crops, "I wont water you until you produce a garden of fruit for me..."  As it stands it boggles my mind to think that the U.S falls into number 11 in the ranking of the fastest countries when it comes to internet speed.


I suppose the secret word is competition.  Yet its no secret that their really isn't much, therefore allowing those on top to rest on their laurels.  Of course we know how that eventually ended up for the rabbit...


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