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Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?


Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.
Background: We have Uverse internet/TV at our house. When the tech initially installed the line, they ran a "home run" straight from the box that terminates with a male end (6-pin DSL plug)  that was drilled up through the floor and plugged into the modem, instead of installing a jack in the wall with a female connection.
Yesterday I rerouted the line in my house so that I could move the TV/modem from the living room to the family room. In order to be able to pull the line through a few small holes going into and out of the crawl space, I removed the 6 pin dsl plug on the end by snipping the cable. I rerouted the line where it needed to go, making sure not to damage it as I secured it along the ceiling in the garage and through the wall in the family room. I did not need to unplug it from the phone box on the side of the house or mess with that end at all. 

Once i was done with that, I went to an electronics store to buy a new plug and all they had was standard 4 pin plugs, but said it should work. I went ahead and crimped a head on with the 2 dsl wires that were used in the originial head (green and white) attached into the 2 middle leads. Now I am not able to get a dsl signal on the modem (flashing red light on broadband blinker on modem). I tried 5 different times with the 2 wires flip flopped in the same ports with no luck. Could it be that the different head is the problem? I am quite certain that the issue is with this new connection but am not sure.

Thanks again
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Re: Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?

w8n4fyr - The six pin connector is RJ-45 and the 4 pin is RJ-11. You can google these to get wiring diagrams. I believe the RJ-11 does work in the RJ-45. Two things to watch for - does it fit properly & what pins are actually carrying your signal.

I am surprised you could not get the proper plug.jack. Lowes & Home Depot should have what you need. YOu should make an effort to use the right size jack/plug for reliability.

I believe the RG has both and Rj-45 and an RJ-11 input. If you match your wall jack to either one. a standard tel patch (RJ-11) or cat5 (RJ-45) would connect the two.
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Re: Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?

Only need the pair to work, RJ11 middle two pins (2,3), an RJ 45 plug will not fit, make sure reconnecting to GREEN data port not RED or YELLOW ports

Easy solution is to buy female RJ 11jack (preferred) or RJ 45 Jack connect the green lead to blue on javk , connect green/white to blue/white on jack.installing biscuit or wall plate for quick disconnect and install RJ 11 data cable (short phone cable) between jack and RB, should sync and be good.

Note: if tech left his number may try calling and see if he/she would come back and install new end as you have already done the hard part in rewiring and moving RG. Best to you, report back on solution used, thanks
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Re: Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?

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Re: Can a 6 pin DSL plug be replaced by a 4 pin phone plug?

Thanks for the reply...I followed your advice and istalled an RJ11 jack and got the green light. I think my problem was I didn't put the head back on correctly as I was having a hard time getting the wires to line up with the correct pins. Female jack was much easier to wire. Thanks again

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