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Can I disable wifi on NVG510, allowing only a wired connection?


Can I disable wifi on NVG510, allowing only a wired connection?

I just set up Uverse internet service (switching from DSL) with the supplied Motorola NVG510. I have a desktop computer connected via ethernet, and so far this wired connection is working as expected.


I want to completely disable wifi through the NVG 510, allowing only the wired ethernet to function.


When I connected the NVG510, I skipped the wifi configuration because I did not want wifi and assumed that if I didn't configure it, it wouldn't be accessible by anyone. I discovered, however, that I now have a new wireless network showing up on my computer, courtesy of the NVG510, which causes me to doubt my assumption about others accessing it.


I have found on the website helpful instructions on changing my network name and password from the default values, enabling MAC address filtering, disabling SSID broadcast, and other security measures. But, not surprisingly I guess, I haven't found anything about disabling wifi altogether.


Since I do not need or want a wifi connection at this point, I just want to be certain that no one else can connect wirelessly through my setup and perhaps compromise my computer's security or cause other problems.


I am now assuming that simply not configuring the wifi does not assure that others cannot access my wifi. If this is so, might someone tell me if there is some relatively straightforward way to completely disable the wifi, or is my best option the other security measures described on the website?


I would sincerely appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

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Re: Can I disable wifi on NVG510, allowing only a wired connection?

Follow the following steps to disable the wireless operation of your Motorola NVG510 Gateway.


  1. Navigate to the Gateway Portal by opening a browser and navigating to
  2. Select the Home Network tab from the navigation bar.
  3. Choose Wireless from the sub-category.
  4. You will be asked to enter your access code. (The default code is printed on the side of the Gateway.)
  5. Change the Wireless Operation Setting from On to Off. The section below it should collapse.
  6. Select Save.
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Re: Can I disable wifi on NVG510, allowing only a wired connection?

Thanks much. Couldn't have been easier.
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