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Att Uverse Installation


Att Uverse Installation



My family and I are getting Att Uverse Internet and Phone tomorrow.


My questions are these:


Does someone from Att come to help with the installation or do I have to do it? If a person comes, how long does the installation usually take?


Also when doing the online registration process for Uverse Internet, the instructions say I need a 4 digit password?

I never recieved one and customer service told me the answer to the security question to talk to them is it.

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Re: Att Uverse Installation

The tech from ATT will do it. Just make sure that the person who handles all of the technical stuff in the household is the one there. My neighbor has her RG sitting on top of her desktop, which sits next to her computer. From there, since she got TV, they placed a phone jack for the telephone feed of Cat-5e for the RG to receive a connection, and just plugged into the phone jack that was already there, so her phones in the house would have service. Time wise, it depends on how old the drop from the pole or box to your home, and how bad the inside wiring is for the telephone, if any odd changes were made earlier, and they have to clean it up.

Just remember, you are in control, and if you do not feel comfortable, stop them before they start any work. I spent five minutes visiting with my tech before we started, by walking through the home, and showing our current setup for the network, and where I have my LAN set up downstairs for distribution, and placement of the equipment. Tech's love me, since I have a easy clean set up, and everything is cat-5e, already wired.

Tonight, just go through surveying your setup that you have already, and look at where the telephone enters your home or apartment, so you get an idea of the scope of work. Also, go to http://www.uverserealtime.com and download the tool, since it will help if you have any problems with your service, and also can allow for monitoring of usage. Post back if you have any questions tomorrow.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Att Uverse Installation

If you signed up for the self install, then you're on your own. If you want a tech to do the install there is usually an installation fee of $149, if you get TV service, the install fee is waived.


Not sure about the PW, it's been a long time, I believe I used the last 4 of my SS# as a temp.

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Re: Att Uverse Installation

the last 4 of my SS# worked. thank you! you saved me a lot of time waiting on the phone jfw.

thank you too greg zoll
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Re: Att Uverse Installation

YW!    Let us know how the install goes.

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