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10.x.x.x iP network behind UVERSE nvg510 gateway


10.x.x.x iP network behind UVERSE nvg510 gateway

I have servers and other devices that are on a 10.x.x.x network that I cannot change the addressing scheme on. The nvg510 router will not let me configure the LAN segment on the GATEWAY.  I have a stack of IP static addresses on a business account. How idiotic is it to prevent the customer from configuring their private LAN. I have read the Ron Bermsn Papering it won't work in my circumstance,  but what is AT&T THINKING? 


Can anyone tell me how I can get my existing network configured on this modem, otherwise I am out as an AT&T customer. Their tech support sucks called several times and won't bump me to a tier 2 tech. Is this way of gaining revenue to keep their field techs billing customers for tech calls?


Thanks to anyone that can supply a hack for this.



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Re: 10.x.x.x iP network behind UVERSE nvg510 gateway

AT&T began using 10.x.x.x for their own internal use, so they removed that option from their customer gateways.

However, if you get your own router and put it behind the NVG510 with network address translation (NAT), then you can use 10.x.x.x on your side of your router. Search the forum for "NVG510 IP Passthrough" and you'll find several threads with some instructions on how to set up your own router behind the NVG510 to do this.
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