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streaming online content buffering


streaming online content buffering

Can you explain why I have better streaming experience on my TV that I have a hardwired connection to the GB modem with a Verizon cellular mifi than I do with the GB connection via AT&T?

If I buffer on Disney, ESPN, Playstation Vue, HBO Now, or Amazon prime with AT&T and switch to my mifi, not only can I browse content on those apps faster, but the buffering goes away.


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Re: streaming online content buffering


Could be a lot of reasons but let's try this first if you haven't done already. Here are three recommendations:

  1. Disable IPv6 on your AT&T provided router/gateway - IPv6 is enabled by default and can cause a slow network and other communication issues
  2. Change the Ethernet port configuration for each port on your AT&T provided router/gateway from Auto-detect to 100BaseT/Full Duplex - This will eliminate auto-negotiation incompatibilities
  3. Use Google DNS ( and on your devices but retain DHCP

Let us know what type/model of AT&T provided router/gateway you have installed.

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