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boost wifi signal


boost wifi signal

is there any way to make my wifi signal stronger?

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Re: boost wifi signal

Not sure if you found your answer, but you can just purchase a current router.  I use the ASUS RT-N56U and love it.  Make sure you do a littel homework ahead of time to know which ones can do it.  I think most can by today's standards.


All you need to do is plug your trusty CAT5e cable from the ATT switch port to your new fancy schmancy router. You WILL need to make the new fancy schmancy router into a n Access Point (AP), but it is very simple.

Viola!  You will have extended the reach of your ATT equipment.

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Re: boost wifi signal

I'm not trying to be needlessly antagonistic, but I do want to point out that the coverage is better than 625ft. If the router needs to be within 25 feet, then its area of coverage is pi*25^2 or approximately 1960sqft. Now, that assumes you live in a (one story circular) yurt. If you live in a one story square house, then you will achieve full coverage if your house is 1250 sqft or less, since that is the size of the square that fits inside a circle of radius 25ft. If its a two story house under 2250 sq ft, there is a decent chance you will have full coverage.

In related area, I have been told by a cable tech that housing your router off the ground helps signal. That seamed to help, but I did not really experiment with it.
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Re: boost wifi signal

The location of your router will have a major impact on the distance. Make sure it is not close to any monitors printers and lamps and it should be not be placed on the ground. I have mine sitting on top of my desk shelves with nothing on either side. I have  the AT&T 3801HGV Residential Gateway.

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Re: boost wifi signal

A stand alone range booster that acts as a repeater will cut your bandwidth in half. A 3rd party access point, connected to the RG with ethernet cable, and locating the AP in the area of the house where Wi-Fi signal is desired is the optimal solution. Full bandwidth is maintained because the AP only has to communicate wirelessly with the client devices rather than pulling double duty by wirelessly talking to both the RG and clients. 

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Re: boost wifi signal

I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but boosting the transmit signal doesn't boost your laptop signal when it sends a signal back to the wireless router.  I think there is an unmerited emphasis on just boosting the signal, when you should be thinking of moving things around in your space to get the best coverage.  Download inSSIDer to see the signal strength by channel, and change the channels and location as needed.  You may be competing for the same data with other channels, some of which may be stronger than yours.


Also, if everyone keeps upping their signal strength, all you do is just increase the noise going into your neighbor's WiFi network, and her noise is coming into yours.  That's more overlapping channels and more work for your network to sort it out.  Consider instead putting your effort into optimizing the channels and placement, or maybe adding Ethernet over Power with a subsidiary router, and you'll  be more effective

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Re: boost wifi signal

I want an application to boost WiFi signals by downloading &Installing the application. Please name that application from Google store & oblige.
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