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Why is your service so bad?


Why is your service so bad?

AT&T, your service is the WORST I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. You have the worst customer service, the worst technicians, the worst store associates and AT&T store locations in LUBBOCK, TX!!!! You are LIARS and a bunch of CHEATS! Your company has no integrity whatsoever. I was lied to directly to my face and over the phone. You have the rudest people working for you. Your company values suck! 


It is pretty bad when even your own employees say how bad they have it. I hope everyone on this site sees what a terrible company you are. I have put up with your nonsense and lies long enough. I have called in and gone through all the troubleshooting with a service person on the phone at least once a month since having your internet installed in my home. I can tell them what the exact problem is every time, yet they take me through the whole process over and over again.


You have given your employees a script they have to follow to speak to any customers that need assistance. They don't have a clue what else to say or do once they have gone through it all. You employ a bunch of worthless employees! I have begged the technicians to do their jobs and fix the line in the alley way and they still do a ** job. The line keeps getting disconnected or cut that runs the service up to my house. I have asked them to secure it or burry the line multiple times and they have not done so. I have stepped into the alley way multiple occasions and seen the bare cable stretched across the ground in the alley way. At this point I am paying for internet that I am not receiving. You are ROBBING ME of my money! You have broken your end of the contract by not providing a service you promised.


I went into the Lubbock store on Slide and 82nd Street only to find a store full of unhelped people with disgruntled demeanors just like mine. The people were so tired of waiting 30-45 mintues (more like 1 hour and 30 minutes) they either left the store or called the other location on Milwakee Ave. The store on Milwakee Ave said "there was no line or waiting" and that they "are a full service store". Both of those quoted statements were LIES!


I immediately drove over to Milwakee Ave. store. I showed up inside and there were 4 free store associates standing around doing nothing. Eric (the ineffective person that "helped" me) told me that there was going to be a 30 - 45 minute wait. There were only 3 customers being helped in the entire store!! Eric made me wait several minutes for a "manager" that I had requested and insisted on talking to. I waited only to get Eric again as the associate. I asked him if he was a manager and he said no. 


He literally told me all he can do is call the same number I called because they were only "a wireless store". So he gets paid by you AT&T for what I do at home for free! So obviously you should compensate me for every time I had to call in to get the internet "fixed"! Why should I even pay my bill if I am without internet more than it is available to me? Why haven't you checked my call in records for my complaints and already compensated me? Why do I have to wait on your service people for 3 hours to show up at my home to fix the issue every single time?


And another thing, I just love how your text box says what words you can and cannot use to voice your complaint. You even have your websites cover your back side.




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Re: Why is your service so bad?

Sorry I SPOKE THIS REPLY ABOVE. Lots of typos! Siri isn't that great.
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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

If you want bait and switch , go to Verizon... I am an AT&T customer now , I'm using the prepaid service. I came from Verizon back to AT&T prepaid because Verizon said my smartphone service with my data package was gonna be like $120 a month. My bill was never under $200 and I never went over my data. They lie. AT&T lies as well. The only way to get outta that is , from my experience, go with AT&T prepaid on your cellular. But as far as home internet service goes it's like a darned of you do darned if you don't kinda thing. ... I had to use darned lol
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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

AT&T.... Those typos weren't on the proof read.
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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

I completely agree. [Edited to comply with Guidelines]They are clearly breaking the law or bending it to the point of breaking

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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

I have had the same awful experiences with AT&T. After having to call in several times over the past two years, I am fairly certain that their customer service reps are only paid decently when they successfully upsell you, and that there are no consequences for lying or misleading the customer about hidden fees. I would recommend handling all issues on their website's chat window and then emailing the transcript to yourself, because at some point they will try to screw you over. It is just a guarantee of spending time with their customer service reps. And always double check to make sure that you're getting the speed that you paid for. 

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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

I myself was told as you use your data time it gets slower and slower til you can't get in internet service especially after a hurricane like we have had in the Fl Keys.
The only thing we have left is a iPhone and a iPad from att but service is horrible we can't hotspot the iPad because it would cost me my entire SS check.
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Re: Why does your service suck so bad?

We've had connectivity and latency issues our entire time with AT&T. We've had several technicians come out to address the problem, but their solutions tend not to last longer than a week. It's particularly difficult to contact AT&T about our difficulties because, unfortunately, we also use them for our phone service, which means that frequently our service isn't durable enough to sustain a call without it dropping across the bloated wait time required to get in touch with an operative. 


We figured initially that this might be resolved by upgrading our service speed and quality. We now pay $70 a month for an 18mbps connection that averages below 3mbps (frequently below 1mbps - putting us below 1 / 18th of the service that we pay for). Tomorrow, we have a technician from comcast coming out, so that we can finally stop pouring money into the blank incompetence of this joke of a service. We'll be happy to notify AT&T that we're dropping their service just as soon as we acquire an internet speed fast enough or a phone service reliable enough to get in touch. 

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