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Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency


Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency

I have U-verse Internet Max Plus (nominal 18 mbps down)


The past few days, sites have been loading slowly and incompletely (e.g., images or other page components fail to load, or the page must be re-requested several times before it's usable).


Tests on (when they would even complete) show ping times in the 400 - 800 ms range, and download speeds no higher than 9 mbps. showed similar ping times.


I've put screenshots of and on this page:  Also included are screenshots from UV Realtime. I tried to insert the images in this post, but the forum site responded so slowly it became unresponsive.


I guess what I relly want is to be put directly in touch with the proper level of AT&T U-Verse support. I'm not going to go through Level 1 support.


Randy N.

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Re: Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency

Any ideas/suggestions...? I can provide more info if needed. 

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Re: Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency

Hello, ExZb9jK66b!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing internet issues. We would be happy to investigate further so please click here to send our U-verse experts a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency

Would help if your test results were to a local less than 50 mile connection and not 450 miles away.

UVrealtime shows 3600 RG... purchased RG.. if needing replacement will need to purchase another $100. The RG new has a 1 year warranty. .. afyer the warranty just purchasing another. If your current unit is less than a year need to purchase new unit either 3600 or 5031 and return your original unit to ATT via a UPS store front. Once received and verified defective nit abused will receive credit.

That being said I do not suspect the RG nor last mile wiring... your FEC errors of 17k plus over a period of 4 days 4.5 hours is an average of less than 3 errors per minute.
The post Max Sync SN margin and attenuation are well within parameters.

Your tests are being done hardwired to RG.. not wireless.. not behind another router correct. No p2p or torrents running... no uploading or downloading large files when running speedtests. Find a site less than 50 miles away for several tests over hours what is average.

At this point I am more likely to suspect firewall settings or similar issues.... long distance tests could be routing nothing a uverse premise tech dispatched can see or control. A tech dispatch is to check local line to vrad...inside wiring... possible RG swap reason for billing. Your UV realtime does not support work for a tech to perform but you may incur charges to upgrade inside wiring if not a cat5 direct homerun... charge $99 or the RG swap to 5031 charge $100.
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Re: Websites load slowly and/or incompletely; absurd latency

Thanks for the reply.


I use the RG only as a router/gateway between the ATT network and my internal network. I have an Apple AEBS to provide wireless service. It's behind the RG (NAT).


Earlier this evening, I did a power off/on reboot of the RG. This seems to have helped some. (Before, I had restarted it several times from the RG web control panel.) I also discovered that the RG's WiFi was turned on. I turned it off, since I use my Apple AEBS for the wireless network.


After making the above changes to the RG, I started collecting ping/speed results every half hour. The remote server is in the same city as me. The results are here:


The pings are much better on average, but there are still some high values.


One other thing--on my Mac, after this problem started occurring, I changed the DNS servers several times to see if that would help (it did not). In other words, instead of having the Mac pointed to the RG, I specified other publicly available DNS servers, such as Google. It still is set to use Google. I'm not sure if that makes any difference.


Below are UV Realtime screenshots since the RG restart earlier this evening.


Finally, if it turms out I need a new RG or other inside work that incurs a charge, that's fine. I just need to have the level of Internet access I'm paying for.



Randy N.







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