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Video Quality Poor on WatchESPN

Video Quality Poor on WatchESPN

ATT got WatchESPN working here in metro Atlanta 08/22 in the evening.


Starting watching various live feeds and some replays of old football games.




Anyone else having this issue?



Max Internet (2nd highest speed)

iMac  OS 10.9.4  (iMac purchased new in 02/2014


Am open to suggestions on how to fix.




War Eagle!!!!

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Re: Video Quality Poor on WatchESPN

You might want to direct your complaint with the video issues here:

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Re: Video Quality Poor on WatchESPN

Thanks for the help.  Have contacted ESPN through the link you provided.


We will see what ESPN says.  Hope they get it solved.



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Poor video quality with watchespn

Very poor video quality when streaming watchespn to my HDTV. Occasionally quality changes to HD/good, then returns to bad.
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Re: Poor video quality with watchespn

How are you streaming? If it is via Roku try this...


Click home button 5 times

Click rewind 3 times

Click fast forward 2 times


It will take you to a screen showing download speeds. Scroll down and click "DISABLE PLAYBACK DEBUGGING" Then click on 3.5 mbps. Try watching a live feed on watchespn. It may take a few minutes to improve the picture quality but just be patient. If that doesn't work it is a server issue with espn.

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Re: Poor video quality with watchespn

Trying to watch ESPN from my home on PC with GigaPower connection - seems capped at very low quality. 


There has got to be something in the backbone between AT&T asd ESPN that is causing unacceptible conneciton quality for users. Please escalate this and make sure it is a known issue! This is not isolated! 


You might want to direct your complaint with the video issues here:

This isn't just an "ESPN issue", the internet is a 2-way street between both ISP and content providers. Please escalate and work with their corporate entities to ensure we as users can have the experience we expect with the service provided from AT&T


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Re: Poor video quality with watchespn

An almost same video quality issue you can find  in this thread : of it could be the speed of your internet service, the other part of the puzzle is on ESPN's end. Or maybe the bit rate does not keep in pace with the resolution. Normally a 1080p video require over 3000 bit rate value. As you can see in .Make sure the bit rate always rise with the increasing of resolution. If you do not understand the difference you can read this thread that offers a comparison between those two kinds of parameters.

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Re: Poor video quality with watchespn

If you are using a roku. The roku is doing it.why , I tested the tv with roku and the pc. The pc had extent picture and the roku blurry, thus the problem is the roku. Possible asour deal with espn exist and roku is krapping the picture but nothing else.
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Re: Poor video quality with watchespn

Nope, was watching via PC, but thanks for the reply.

It was/is certainly the connection between the GigaPower ISP and the ESPN
servers - most other connections are 10mb/s+
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