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Using my own router instead of renting.


Using my own router instead of renting.

I only use ATT for internet. I subscribe to the power service (45mbps). I know they had to run a "2nd pair" to my house and use bonding to get that speed. I also know I could get a router and follow the steps to use the ATT gateway as a bridge, but I was wondering if there is a modem that I can buy that won't comprimse the 45mbps so I can get rid of the ATT router all together?

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‎03-14-2016 1:10 PM

Re: Using my own router instead of renting.

If you have Uverse service, you must use an ATT gateway to connect.


In times past, pre January 2015, single pair internet only or internet/VoIP accounts were allowed to purchase gateways such as 3600 for $100, with a 1 year warranty. Any issues after 12 months you bought another gateway.


Customers on bonded pairs, fiber installs or Uverse IPTV have never had an option, always company owned, provided, maintained with monthly equipment fee.


Since January 2015, ALL NEW installs and any repair where the gateway was replaced has the equipment fee. No customer owned equipment. The company provides and replaces as needed the gateway. Only way to avoid the fee is to not have the service. In which case, you would not have a gateway as that would be returned via your local UPS store front.


Now you may purchase and use any 3rd party router you desire, placed behind the ATT gateway in either DMZ (PACE/2WIRE) it IP pass through (Arris/Motorola). Please see FAQ on setting up 3rd party devices if desire.


Edit: as a bonded "2nd pair" internet only you would not have had an option prior to 2015, only single pair installs with speeds at or below Max Turbo 24 would have qualified.

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Re: Using my own router instead of renting.

Is there still no way to own your own router and gateway for fiber service? This is a deal breaker for me.

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Re: Using my own router instead of renting.

There are 3rd party resellers of ATT services that allow you to purchase your 'own' modem.  It will be an ATT provided device, but belongs to you - i.e. no lease fee.  From what I understand, you can only get Internet service like this (no phone or TV) but it is cheaper than internet only from ATT.  I own my NVG599, have 18M service, don't pay a lease fee, and it runs me $45/month.


Edit: My service is ultimatly provided by ATT.  ATT installed it and maintains it.  My NVG has ATT written all over it, my IP leases are in ATTs pool.

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