Upload Speed for Pro and Elite


Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

Can anyone tell me these upload speeds?  The website is a "download only run around"  and forget trying to get information on the phone, even if you can get past that "keep everybody out conputer" that answers all calls.  I currently have Max Plus and don;t need anything like 18 mbps down but I have a VoIP phone system that does require a certain upload speed.



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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

I'm not sure about what the names of the levels are, but I have the 12 Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up.  My lines almost always test at 11.4x download and 1.4x upload when I test at speedtest.net.

Jerry B.


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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

Available on AT&T ADSL connections:

Basic: 768 kbps / 384 kbps
Express: 1.5 Mbps / 384 kbps
Pro: 3 Mbps / 512 kbps
Elite: 6 Mbps / 768 kbps

Available on U-Verse ADSL2+ connections:

Pro: 3 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Elite: 6 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Max: 12 Mbps / 1 Mbps

Available on U-Verse VDSL connections:

Pro: 3 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Elite: 6 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Max: 12 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps
Max Plus: 18 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps
Max Turbo: 24 Mbps / 3 Mbps
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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

Thanks much, Some Joe, that is what I needed.  BTW, I have VDSL.



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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

Funny (almost)...I asked the technician who installed my U-verse Elite today, and he told me that the upload speed is "3".  I asked, "3 what?"  he laughed, apologized, and said, "3 Mbps".  


Obviously, he was wrong - and the speed is testing at about 1 Mbps upload.

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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

Old post, but nothing improved much.


Just swtiched from ATT 3Mb ADSL to uVerse 6Mb (internet only).  Uverse TV not available here.


Was getting 2.4M down and 0.4M up  with DSL  (advertized.  3Mb / 512K)


Now getting 5.5M down and 0.65M up with Uverse  (advertized.  6Mb / 1Mb)


Overall, am disappointed with the Uverse in my location.


130% faster on download.  expected closer to 140%-150% increase.   not to bad I guess for living outside the city limits


60% faster upload.  Expected closer to 100%.  very disappointed here.



If ATT keeps disappointing me I might end up back with Cable ... ugh ...



So really, based on the speed charts noted earlier,  my Uverse account is giving me the same old ADSL comparable speeds.  Especially with uploads.   Not good.




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Re: Upload Speed for Pro and Elite

You can find information on speed tiers here:

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