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U-verse RG + Apple Airport Exteme


U-verse RG + Apple Airport Exteme

I am looking for help setting this up.  I have looked at a number of threads on the topic of using another router with the U-verse RG and know this can be done, but I'm unclear on some of the terms used and how they may or may not apply to me, like DMZ, bridging and so forth.  I just want my internet to work and to not screw up the VNC connection from my phone to one of my computers.


This is what I have: RG with several computers connected via ethernet, several wireless devices (laptops, iPad) connecting via WiFi.


What I want: To have Airport Extreme handle wireless.


Is it as simple as disabling RG Wi-Fi, plugging Airport Extreme into RG, and setting up new WiFi network via Apple's configuration utility?  Or what else do I need to do?



Thank you!

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Re: U-verse RG + Apple Airport Exteme

Basically, yes.  Plug your router into your RG using lan port to lan port.  Don't use wan port.  Disable your router's DHCP.  Change router's IP address to  Disable RG's wireless signal.  Connect your wireless devices to your router.

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Re: U-verse RG + Apple Airport Exteme

The Lan or Wan port can be used on the newer AEBS's but since it only has 3  10/100/1000 Lan ports you may choose to use the Wan on the AEBS and the Lan on the RG and I found that Bridge mode works best for my application yours may vary.

One thing I would do is select a channel manually auto is iffy in a crowded environment.

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Re: U-verse RG + Apple Airport Exteme

Thanks...everything seems to be working!

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