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Trying to setup Remote Desktop (port 3389) on Motorola NVG589 Gigabit


Trying to setup Remote Desktop (port 3389) on Motorola NVG589 Gigabit

I recently bought Gigabit Internet service. It came with Motorola NVG589. I'm trying to set up one of my compter at home to be accessible from outside for Remote Desktop connection. I did this many times with all the routers I had in the past, but somehow I can't make it work well with this one.


What works:

If I remote-desktop from another computer at home using, it works well. This would mean the target computer doesn't have any firewall issues and remote desktop is ready to serve.

If I set my router's Firewall => IP Passthrough => Default Server and set it to my target computer, I can remote-desktop from outside. This would mean with proper port forwarding I should be able to remote-desktop from outside.


Now, I turn off the IP Passthrough and reboot my router, and set Firewall => NAT Gaming has Remote Desktop (TCP/UDP 3389, custom service) tied to the target computer. But with this option, remote-desktop from outside using home network's public IP does not work. 


What am I missing? Any helps appreciated much in advance.


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