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Think found how to get new IP!


Think found how to get new IP!

So I think I found how we can get a true new IP on Uverse.

If I do a factory reset on my modem itself using the web GUI option, every time I get a new IP address... Normally your IP does not ever change with uverse.

Anyway just thought I would share that as a number of techs and people think you must get a new modem with uverse...

Anyone else care to check and see if holds true for them too?

I think this happens because it causes your device to re-register with the net.

IF you try to log on too soon after a default it will tell you that your not authorized and to call AT&T but than it will connect in a moment and boom, New IP!

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!


The only sure way to change IP is a port swap requiring a tech service call. The port needs to test bad or will not be approved for swap. A customer requested port swap is a Dispatch On Demand (DOD) with $149 billable service call.


Sometimes IP address will change after gateway swap, or software update is pushed out, but often does not.


The other option is cancel service, pay any ETF required ($15 per month for each month remaining on contract), return equipment. Sign up as new customer account, new install date, different gateway. Generally will have several days of no service between cancel and the new install. Subject to new customer $99 installation charge.


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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