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Re: Think found how to get new IP!


Think found how to get new IP!

So I think I found how we can get a true new IP on Uverse.

If I do a factory reset on my modem itself using the web GUI option, every time I get a new IP address... Normally your IP does not ever change with uverse.

Anyway just thought I would share that as a number of techs and people think you must get a new modem with uverse...

Anyone else care to check and see if holds true for them too?

I think this happens because it causes your device to re-register with the net.

IF you try to log on too soon after a default it will tell you that your not authorized and to call AT&T but than it will connect in a moment and boom, New IP!

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

Thanks for posting.  I'm sure many will try it.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!


@Big-B wrote:

Anyone else care to check and see if holds true for them too?

No thanks.  As I see it, always getting the same IP is an advantage.


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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

I agree, I like free static also (although its not always going to stay, sometimes it will still change but shold be rare) but this wont make it change more often.


I just want to see if this is true as general or just for me works? I only get new IP if I factory default from webgui, rebooting itself and release/renew on the device does not change the IP still...

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

Doesn't going to this page in the router and clicking the RESET IP button work?

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

bahh. HATE IE 9 can't reply or post here or get blank post...


Anyway no, nothing else you can do will give you a new IP. Even level 2 cant get you a new IP less a modem or vrad card slot change. Most often they will modem swap but even than its like pulling teeth. I just had my modem swapped because had another issue and the new one gave me a blacklisted IP so thats how I ran into a mess again.


I am on a 24/3 plan with a 3600 and no lease fee. They keep trying to get me on a 3801 which while I would love as has dual CPU so can handle traffic better, it comes with the lease fee for $4 a month which I think is wrong because I JUST spent $100 a month ago on the darn 3600 so I have to be careful with swaps.


But only old school DSL could reboot or release/renew and get you a new IP. Uverse is basically static with few ports blocked and subject to change but generally wont. A static IP plan gets you guaranteed nonchaning and opens a few blocked ports which most often don't apply to people.


Anyway if you don't mind feel free to test yours see what works and don't, unless you trying to keep the same IP.. I don't host anything so didn't care but interested to see someone else test out.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

That won't work on the 3800 RG for voice/TV/internet, you are talking apples and oranges w/the internet-only 3600.  I tried it and the IP address stayed the same. Smiley Wink



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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

3600 & 3800 are identical with the exception of the Coax port for TV. Hardware wise they are the same and the 3600 is voice/internet Smiley Happy


But thanks for trying for me, be interested if anyone else does with a 3600 to see though, shouldn't matter. Maybe its vrad dependent also, cant explain why it does on mine.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

A reset of it does not make it look any different to the DSLAM/VRAD.  The box still needs to authenticate but the equipment knows what IP the GW had before.


There is a limited set of criteria that can be done and it was just sheer luck you were able to get a new IP.  I bet it wouldn't happen again.  The IP allocation is quite sticky.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

A couple months ago I changed my network configuration from using the 2Wire router directly to using a Cisco 2811 behind the 2Wire in DMZPlus mode.  At the time I tried to simply remove all my previous firewall rules and just put the Cisco in as the DMZPlus device.  What was happening was that the 2Wire would revert the Cisco back to a normal device (not in the DMZ) after a short time.  I ended up factory resetting the 2Wire router to correct this.  That worked, and the Cisco now stays as the DMZPlus device.


My IP address also changed when I did this.  I had to update my domains that point to my home server.


My 2Wire is a 3800HGV-B.


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Think found how to get new IP!

Well here is an odd one... I factory reset again and also did not get a new IP... Did it a third time and think I found what triggers it maybe?


A. Factory reset only gets you new IP if you happen to be around renewal time (odds of guessing that are rare lol)


B. Bug in system or unable to contact same dhcp host


C. During the reset process if you try to get on too fast the 2wire will say its not authorized and fail to connect, than when it connects again its forced to re-register as if its a new modem and that got the new IP.


(I wish factory reset would let my DMZ+ mode work Smiley Sad no go for me and my cisco, keeps going back to nat after the 10 min period)


Anyway guess this find may only be partially true. If anyone ever after a new IP just give it a shot and while its booting up keep trying to go online. Maybe that will force it.


I have learned that after the 2wire is booted its not really up all the way like one thinks. For example when I factory reset mine, I can get on it and make changes without being required to enter any password. I can even change the password without entering the old one if I do it soon after boot. IT seems at that point it has not loaded everything as the password option has nothing selected and all the other pages are unprotected.


Same for disabling the wifi. If you reboot your 2wire and have it disabled, it boots with it on by default and if fast enough will connect but than drop when it turns back off lol


This 2wire is indeed odd. It actually has a LOT of potential and settings that I have found to be disabled and hidden. Sad that AT&T does not allow HSI only customers at least to have open profile/config on them. It does some funky QOS settings I found but they are set by config file of course.  For me they are useless as I have no TV or VOIP with AT&T.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

Normally I would have agreed with the free static IP address, until I got hacked.

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

Does this work for changing IP?

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

It is 9/16/18


I began having problems accessing certain academic open websites. A check with the webmasters told me that changing my ip would fix the problem. (I supposedly have a dynamic ip). I unplugged my modem while I was on vacation for 10 days. I had the same IP.


I did the unplug overnight and re-set exercise dozens of times over the past two+ years.


I called AT&T. I kept getting put on hold. After a LONG time waiting and hanging up and calling back, I got someone on the phone who transferred me to someone else who transferred me to someone else. Then I spent 90 minutes with someone India who ran diagnostics and did a factory re-set then determined that I needed a new modem.


I got the new modem and took the old one to UPS to send it back to AT&T.

Plugged it in. Pressed the red button for 45 seconds. I got connected. Same old ip address.


I called again and went through the SAME thing. Factory re-set, etc. 90 minutes. No joy. same ip address that I've had for over 2 years.


Called again. Same ol' same ol'. I was told that a technician would be sent out the next day to find the problem. The LINE TECHNICIAN did the talking to AT&T this time. He was told that the there was a problem with my incoming line. His phone app told him otherwise, He was run through the same *beep* (test, factory re-set, etc). My ip didn't change.


I called AT&T AGAIN. I went through the same *beep* then demanded to talk to a supervisor. I was told that a dynamic ip address doesn’t change. If I want my ip to change I would need to by several static ips addresses. Right. (Figure that one out).


I was told that no factory re-set or anything that I did or AT&T did could change my ip address. This was a supervisor telling me this, He gave me the MAILING ADDRESS of a complaint department.


Bottom line: According to AT&T, there are no such things as dynamic ips, nothing can be done by me or AT&T to change the ip address unless there's a massive outage in my area. If I am assigned a banned ip address, changing modems or doing a factory reset won't solve the problem I am stuck with the same lousy ip address.


My phone won't accept the new router's password. My laptop won't accept it either. My wife's phone and laptop won't accept it either. What are the chances that I'll EVER call AT&T for help again?


Customer service seems not to be aware of much. I had to change my modem, talk to numerous customer service reps and waste about six hours of my time to come to the conclusion that I'd have to change service providers in order to get a new ip address.


AT&T knows my ip address, yet I have to sign up and sign in to participate in this forum. I made several attempts to join this forum. My chosen forum name wasn't acceptable, so AT&T suggested ATT1 as an acceptable user name.. GUESS WHAT? I learned that I can't use ATT in my user name even though AT&T suggested the name! I had to go through several  "I am not a Robot" tests before AT&T accepted my user name. Good luck folks!


Post script: this message was rejected for using a "bad word". Interesting. I can't use letters, but ATT is okay in the body of the message. Such a sensitive company.


90 minutes spent to post this message!

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Re: Think found how to get new IP!

RESET on did not generate a new dynamic IPV4 address.


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