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Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3


Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3


I'm trying to set up a network to stream media from my PC to my ps3. Both my PC and PS3 are connected to the wireless gateway via wireless internet. I've went through all the steps on the PC to correctly set up streaming, even located and allowed my ps3 access in WMP via correct MAC address. However when I go back to my ps3, the network is not showing up. I've been told upnp has to be enabled in order for this to work, however on the ps3 upnp is showing up as "not available".

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but at my old home, I was able to do This with the exact same computer, ps3, and uverse residential gateway (I now have a new gateway). The only difference, is that my PC was connected to the residential gateway via wired connection.

Any suggestions?
Thanks and merry Christmas!
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3

The U-Verse gateways do not support UPnP.

To accomplish your goal, you will either have to configure the PC and PS3 to stream video without relying on UPnP, or you will have to add your own router to the network that supports UPnP.

See the following post for instructions to set up your own router using the DMZPlus feature:




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Re: Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3

Look into Plex, https://www.plex.tv/


I have an old laptop running Ubuntu wirelessly on my 2Wires subnet with the PS3 plugged into ethernet and it works. I think the test connection said it didn't like UPNP but when I searched for media server, it found it. The PS3 occasionally gets UPNP errors but if you back out and then back in via another section, it usually works. I tried that laptop with Windows but there is an issue with the PS3 where the video playback pauses alot, like stuttering. There are a number of posts in the Plex forums about it. My Rokus, Smart TV & Bluray players work fine with Plex with either Windows or Linux.

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