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Spanning networks


Spanning networks

I have a D-Link router connected to the RG. The router is set for DHCP WAN, network IP of and LAN DHCP set to DMZ Plus is active on the RG. I ran out of ports on the router, so I connected my NAS to the RG. However, the Blu-ray player, which is connected to my router can't see the NAS. Of course the Blu-ray player gets an IP from the RG in the 192.168.1.X subnet. Can a device not talk to another device on a different subnet? I can ping the Blu Ray player from my laptop (.2.x subnet) so I know devices see each other. Any suggestions?

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Re: Spanning networks

Your DLink router is doing NAT from WAN to LAN.  This means that for the BD player to see the NAS, you have to have proper firewall ports open on the DLink router just like you would if you were going to access a file share over the Internet.


For typical Windows file sharing, the ports required are numerous, and some static NAT mappings need to happen as well, so you should probably avoid this route.


A better solution is to get a switch attached to the LAN side of the DLink to increase the number of available ports.  That way both devices will be on the same subnet and there won't be an issue.


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Re: Spanning networks

Thanks for the tips. I have a little four port, 10/100 switch laying around. Think I'll move the printer to it and hook the NAS directly to my router.

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