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Slow connection and Horrible WiFi


Slow connection and Horrible WiFi

My Internet plan is the  Max 18 and I also bundled the TV with a  U300LA

My wired connection on my PC ( 1 year old PC with tons of RAM) seems slower and slower, tried webcamming on Skype with my parents and the video quality is horrible. I decided to do a speed test (after rebooting the PC and the router) and this is what i got:


Slow Uverse Internet Connection


Note that all my TV are off at the moment and there is no download or anything extra running in the background that could take away some speed.


We gave up on Wifi and are pretty much not using it anymore as the connection just disappeared if we walked 20-30 ft away from the router ( 2 Wire gateway Gray box). 


Does the fact that many neighbors are also on UVERSE affect the performance and Speed on my home Internet?


I appreciate any advise/ help you can give me.


Stephane M, Charlotte NC

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