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Slow and spotty internet connection...


Slow and spotty internet connection...

Can someone look at these images and let me know what kind of problem may be going on? The internet seems quite unreliable (drops frequently) and is slow. Thanks!





And after resetting the Uverse modem/router...



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Slow and spotty internet connection...

It looks like there may be a bridge tap on your line. A bridge tap is an extra length of wire attached to your pair that doesn't terminate anywhere. It is usually left over from a previous customer that used your pair. Bridge taps cause problems with xDSL services.

You should call technical support, have them send a premises tech to your house to check the line. He should open a helper ticket with the Installation and Maintenance group (I&M), which are the linesmen, to come find and remove the bridge tap.



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Re: Slow and spotty internet connection...

Thanks for the help. Called support and their line test showed an error too, so they're sending out a technician. Thanks!

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Re: Slow and spotty internet connection...

I have slow and spotty internet connection......


I ran the check internet speed that I googled, not sure how acurate this is...any suggestions on a true test of my internet speed is welcome. We have DSL, we are not in an area that gets cable internet or U-verse or FIOS. My husband's desktop is hardwired into internet, my desktop is wireless. We both work from home and our internet is sooooo slow and intermitint, times out when sending emails, At&t yahoo shows no connection when clearly my computer shows connected with strong signal email takes forever to send, or attach document, watch video. Any suggestions, is there a internet signal boost or our we doomed to a dial up speed forever??? 


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