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Re: slow bandwidth


Slow Bandwidth via iPerf Test


Can anybody help explain why http://speedtest.att.com/speedtest/ shows that I'm getting 43.07 Mbps down and 5.20 Mbps up, but an IPERF test only shows that I'm getting 5.47 Mbps both up and down?




att speedtest.pngatt RG.pngatt iperf.png

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Re: slow bandwidth

Agreed.  I get pretty much the same results when doing testing directly on the computer though.  Teamviewer doesn't appear to have much overhead.  I've tested this on a couple of computers, all wired, and all with the same results.

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‎12-03-2015 2:58 PM

Re: slow bandwidth

I finally got it figured out.


By default, iPerf sends to the server.  So my 5.5 Mbps throughput was only my upload speed.  When I ran iPerf in reverse mode (-R) is downloads from the server.  I wasn't getting good results from a single TCP session, but when I increased it to 10, i was getting the results I was expecting (47 Mbps).  If you want to try these tests for yourself you can use these commands for any public iPerf server:


*Case sensitive

Upload test      - iperf3 -c iperf.he.net

Download test  - iperf3 -R -c iperf.he.net -P10


I do not know what the bandwidth limitation is with this iPerf server

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bandwidth troubles???

I recently upgraded to the highest speed that att has but continue to have troubles using my fax machine and a securuty camera....It was working great after the upgrade now my fax only passes the test number if I disconnect my security camera,,, somehowe something has gone wrong interesting enough it works the minute i call att then doesn't the minute I get off the phone wierd makes you suspect they don't want me faxing ha ha the fax just says communication problem or receient busy .Am I crazy or should my band width needs be totally taken care of with the 24 Mbps I am supposed to be getting earlier today My speed on a speed test sayis under 18Mbps after talking to att and them adjusting my modem????I now have around what I should have 24 Mbps so what's up here?

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