Restrict XP computer from internet acccess


Restrict XP computer from internet acccess

XP support is going away April 8, therefore internet security will be suspect.  My XP machine runs programs that will not run in Windows 7, and needs to save files on the shared network drives.  So, I want to restrict my XP Pro machine from internet access, but allow it to access shared drives on the home network.  Can this be done on the Uverse router?



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Re: Restrict XP computer from internet acccess

No, it can't be done on the U-Verse router, but you can do it this way:

Manually configure the IP addressing, give the machine a static IP in your subnet that does not overlap the DHCP range handed out by the 2Wire. Then, remove the default gateway completely.


- 2Wire subnet is
- 2Wire address is
- 2Wire DHCP range is -

On Windows XP machine, manually configure TCP/IP, set to static addressing:

- IP Address:
- Subnet mask:
- Default gateway: Leave blank
- DNS 1:
- DNS 2: Leave blank

The XP machine can now connect to other computers on the subnet, but cannot reach the Internet.

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