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Question about upgrading to 45Mbps.


Question about upgrading to 45Mbps.

I have U450 TV and 18Mbps.


I used to have 24Mbps but downgraded a long time ago.


I am thinking about upgrading to Power (45M)


I have the 3801HGV RG and I read that AT&T would have to put in a new RG and I would have to pay a monthly leasing fee for the new RG. How much is that monthly fee and is that in addition to the $4.00 high speed internet equipment fee I am already paying?





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Re: Question about upgrading to 45Mbps.

You would receive the NVG589. I would believe that you would keep your $4 gatway rental fee and have nothing else additional added in terms of rental fees. When you do the "Change your plan" on the website, it should show whether or not you keep your $4 grandfathered rate or if it'll go to $7(the current charge). I don't think that it would force your grandfathered rate to increase, but I'm not certain.

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Re: Question about upgrading to 45Mbps.

Okay, I got that far in the upgrade process on the webpage and it still had the $4.00 charge.


Just wanted to see if the $4.00 was the same fee.


Heading back to upgrade now.



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Re: Question about upgrading to 45Mbps.

hello, currently i am on 24mbps with NVG589 with estimated loop length of around 2400 feet. How good are the chances of upgrading to 45MBPS using pair bonding?. Thanks.

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